Wrecking Ball and cat litter

The only downside to having a cat is when you’re at the grocery store reaching for your favorite brand of cat litter and another inferior brand of cat litter falls off the shelf and onto your foot and then breaks and litter goes all over aisle 12 because your foot is made strictly of muscle and is really strong like that.

Other than that…cat-owning is usually blissful.

photo 2

Besides cuddling with felines, I have also been up to a few other things. Such as trying a new karaoke place called Glitter…

photo 5

Where, yes, I did sing Miley’s Wrecking Ball, and it was a life-changing experience. Like I really felt my calling.

Conversation that occurred after I got home:

Casey: How was karaoke?

Megan: It was good. I sang Wrecking Ball.

Casey: Sounds about right.

Megan: I have a video.

Casey: I do not want to see that.

If only I had married someone that supported my dreams…

I guess my Wrecking Ball singing is why I get messages like this:

photo 4

Not like OH MEGAN IS THE GREAT PERSON IN THE GROUP OR THE KIND, SENSITIVE SOUL, no. Megan is the entertainment. Hope you’re proud, Ma.

Okay, a few more mind-boggling things to share.

My little brother thinks he looks fat in this pic so I wanted to post it on the Internet:

photo 3

I got him that shirt, which reads “I flexed and the sleeves fell off.” It was supposed to be a gag gift and kind of sarcastic, but I think he wears it seriously.

Lastly, I found evidence that Casey loves cats really really deep down:

photo 1

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