Tweeting and Heismanziel

Saturday Johnny Manziel won the Heisman. It was a great day in Aggieland, which I was there for because I was signed up to run the BCS half-marathon Sunday, which I did with Kaitlin. I also live-tweeted the whole race to keep my mind off running. You can check it out on my Twitter profile.

Thanks to everyone who followed and tweeted back at me! It made running 13.1 miles a real good time. Also, I have now proclaimed myself the world’s best multitasker.

Once, when I was like 10 and playing a softball game, I was chewing gum and running to first base, and I tripped. So, my brother has held that against me for the past 14 or so years. BUT NOT ANYMORE! Tweeting and running is a lot harder than chewing gum and running, and I tweeted and ran at the same time, so let the teasing cease. Here is a string of some of my favorite moments:

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