Tory and Lucy and Molly

So on the way back from Fredericksburg we decided to stop at CAPs in Katy, because…I guess we wanted to be sad about all the animals who need homes? And also maybe we had a small desire to get a dog. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts (uhhh yesterday’s…) Casey is a very hesitant consumer. It took a total of nine test drives and months of reading the same edition of Consumer Reports before he bought the new car. So, I had told myself there was a 90% chance we wouldn’t get a dog and a 10% chance we’d fall in love but be too afraid to commit. But turns out I was super wrong, because WE GOT A DOG.

photo 1

Her name is Tory, and she is ridiculously cute which definitely contributed to her getting adopted, but she’s also really sweet. She does like to “give hugs” as they call it at the shelter…it actually means jump on people, but we’re working on that. She’s a year old, so she is already house-trained.

I’m sure you’re all concerned for the cats. Samez. They are pretty much staring at me 24/7 asking WTF IS THIS, MA? But I’m sure they’ll adjust with time. I was slowly introducing them while Tory was in her crate, but today I was brave and just let them all be free at the same time. It seems to be going pretty well, though the cats still remained slightly annoyed that she exists. Lucy has been sure to give a few hisses and throw some evil death glances her way to make sure she knows this is the cats’ house and Tory’s just living in it. However, we’ve all been coexisting in the same room for the past hour and everyone is still alive (contrary to the vivid nightmares I’ve experienced the past two nights), so that’s a plus.

photo 2

Such a lady.

photo 3

MY HEART!!!! I love this picture. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to have a pet that my husband actually likes. SUCH AN ODD SENSATION!

Proud aunt:

photo 5

My new baby:

photo 4

So, my Instagram should prove to be a little more diverse. And now people might believe me when I argue that I am not a “cat person,” I’m an “animal person.”

I’ve reread Camp Patton’s “Surviving Three Under Three”┬áto make sure I can handle this. I’m sure Grace would be pleased to know she now has another reader who can relate to her.


  1. Chelsea Queen says:

    Love this! Three under three at your age? So brave.

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