Thai food and love

A weekend filled with fajitas, laughter, love, and cat stuff is what I just experienced. I also started Downton Abbey, and OMG. But you guys probably already know, because I’m behind on that one.

Went to Sur la Table last night for a cooking class to celebrate Michael’s birthday, which is actually today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUDDY!

It was all good, except for some “glass noodles” which look like you would expect given their name, and were unappetizing to my American taste buds.

The best part of Sur la Table (besides celebrating Michael, of course) was their new line of cat utensils. I tried to convince Casey to get some since we got 10% off, but he declined my sales pitch and kept saying that we would still have to pay 90%, which doesn’t seem like the best reasoning I’ve ever heard for not buying cat cooking stuff, but whatever. Check this out:

Don’t you want all that stuff? It’s hard not to.

I had the pleasure of photographing love on Sunday. Here are some of my favs. Congratulations again, Colby and Tanner!


  1. great pics!!

  2. You did such a great job on the pictures! Also, for the cat things you want in your life but your husband refuses to let you have, I will give you the advice that my friend does. She buys the stuff. Hides it in her car for a few days. When he is out, bring the stuff in, mix it in with the old things, and then act like nothing happened. Chances are, HE WILL NEVER KNOW! ‘Cause men are dumb. :) :)

    • Normally, that is something I would TOTALLY do. However, Casey was with me…so it would have been harder to hide. Though, I’m sure I could find a reason to go back to Sur la Table…by myself…

    • strangepartyof2 says:

      Thanks for the heads-up, Meg!

  3. YES. Just… YES.

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