Technology addictions and iPads

This is a little post about parenting from your resident expert aka muah!

photo 1

^ Not mine, but I’d take him if I didn’t already have three (VERY) dependents. Carter and his parents came to visit a couple weeks ago, and we made sure to compare him to our kids (some people call them animals, but I’m taking some creative liberties) frequently during the visit. I know you’re not supposed to, and I’ve heard my other friends complain when people compare having pets to having children, but I couldn’t even stop myself. Love you, Carter. And Tory. And Lucy. And Molly.

So anyway, as promised, I have some parenting advice. NEVER give your child an iPad. If Tory is any indication of how REAL technology addiction is, then HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

It all started when I was showing our tenant roommate friend, Abbey, how entertaining the Friskies apps are for the cats. HOWEVER, as soon as I placed the iPad on the floor for the cats, Tory took over. Turns out the Friskies apps are ACTUALLY more entertaining for the dog.

photo 2


photo 4

It’s an iPad party.

photo 3

Depressed from her technology addiction.

photo 5

The iPad had been in the off position for three minutes at the time of this photo. Yet her eyes never moved.

Take me back to the good ol’ days when dogs played outside and had no idea who Steve Jobs was.

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