Shorts and pear-pineapples

We have a tree!

photo 2

Supposedly it produces pear-pineapples, but only time will tell. As of today, we also have countertops, toilets, sinks and carpet, which is good considering we are supposed to move in in two short (hopefully) weeks.

As you can see, Casey’s beard is coming along quite nicely. We might have to exchange our house in the city for a cabin in the mountains soon. He’s lucky I’d go anywhere with him.

Whoooops. Almost got a lil gushy there.

In other news, I recently purchased some new shorts. Casey mentioned they were a little larger in the waist and a little longer in the length than last summer’s edition.

M: I was trying to find some more age-appropriate shorts.

C: Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize you recently turned 65?

Already tore the tags off of ‘em, so guess I’ll just save them for more special occasions like volunteering at the local retirement center?

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