Sharp Objects

Just finished Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects. After I raved about Gone Girl, my friend Erin bought me Flynn’s other two novels for my birthday.

Source: Good Reads

I don’t know if I can safely say I thought it was better than Gone Girl. I just don’t know, because they were both so good! I think I felt I could relate to Camille, the main character in this book, better than Amy, from Gone Girl.¬†I don’t carve words into my skin or anything, but I was once a reporter. I’ve covered a murder before … though the murder didn’t end up being OH WAIT I CAN’T TELL YOU! See my problem with book reviews? I’ll keep trying.

Camille’s editor assigns her a story regarding the murders of two young girls in her very small hometown. Camille is¬†hesitant to go because it means she will have to stay with her mother, with whom she has a very rocky relationship. Camille knows the story will be difficult to cover, because her little sister died when she was young. She now has a half sister she doesn’t know well, a creepy and distant mother who openly admits she doesn’t love Camille, and a step-father who barely speaks. I thought I was on to Gillian’s plot from the very beginning. I thought I for sure knew how it was going to wrap up. There is a nice little twist at the end, though. I never know if I should be disappointed in myself for not seeing those. I mean, if I really knew the ending then I’d just be waiting to get there, but then when she surprised me I was sort of mad at myself for not guessing. That Gillian is a real trickster, and even if you see the real ending coming, you’ll still be surprised about some of the gory details. I can guarantee it. It’s a good mystery, and I’d say Gillian Flynn knows a thing or two about character development.

I hope you’ll consider this a review. I tried really hard.

Also, isn’t Gillian Flynn SUCH an author name? Must be her destiny.

So, if you are traveling this Thanksgiving holiday, be sure to pick up Gillian’s books. Those plane rides will fly by. HA! Hope you caught that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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