Relays and moms

This weekend, I ran a relay marathon with my marathon buddy and both our moms. One thing I’ve never understood when I go to marathons is all the elite runners who practice running across the start line like 100 times. Why not just treat the first couple miles as your warm-up? You already have to run 26.2, so why you runnin’ extra? Number 1 reasons why I will never be an elite runner. Number 2 reason is because I prefer running slow or as some like to call it “jogging.”

A fourth of the work, and we still got a medal and a T-shirt, so overall seems like a better deal. My mom isn’t wearing her medal because she prefers fashionable scarves. She is very fancy like that. Also yesterday was her birthday! I’m so happy she was born. If not I wouldn’t have been born, and Lucy and Molly would probably be homeless.



  1. really!!! all of that and this is all i get!!!! so sad :(

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