Pink tips and video games

I’m sure most of you read Greetings from Texas, a blog written by another Megan. You don’t have to worry about getting us confused, because she has brown hair and is always wearing very fashionable clothes. She also has a kid. And no cats. I have no kid and two cats, in case you need a refresher. But I did get to hang out with Macy most of the day Saturday, and my arms are still sore today from picking her up and putting her down and carrying her around the Galleria. So, if you’re wondering how to get ripped biceps and get rid of your bat wings, my suggestion would be to have a kid who is eternally about 18 months old.

The following photos might give you the impression that I have baby fever, but I don’t. I only have Macy fever. And a little bit of puppy fever. I did snap a good shot of Macy giggling (at one of my hilarious jokes, more than likely — kid has a wicked sense of humor), and it appears I dyed her tips pink. I didn’t, but I have to imagine Megan might have been wondering what Macy’s tips would look like pink, because that is kind of in right now, and Megan is always up on what’s hot (hope pink tips are still in and I’m not behind, because then…awk).

photo 1

I feel like she could pull it off.

photo 5

photo 3

Selfie attempt 1:

photo 4

Easier when she’s sleeping:

photo 2

Was afraid to smile lest my cheekbone jab her in the eye.

You guys all probably have a bad case of Macy fever now. She’s seriously the best baby ever, and Anna and I could not stop talking about how despite her one 30-minute nap of the day, she was not even the slightest bit cranky. Which is more than I can say about myself when I don’t get enough sleep.

Speaking of napping, my two catkids are really good at it.

photo 4

Also, in case you aren’t married and wonder what it’s like to be married and have sophisticated dinner parties with your other married friends…this is what it’s like:

photo 3

Hannah will get to experience that soon, I’m sure. I only added that sentence in here so I could find a way to share this lovely picture from her big day:

photo 5

She did a good job on that partayyy. And I miss her already. I did ask her about marriage so far, and she said that Chase has already stolen her leftovers without asking…purchased live chickens. I believe I wrote a post where I suggested not getting cats as a recipe for a successful marriage, but perhaps I should have added an “or chickens” to that sentence. Only time will tell whether or not chickens lead to a happily ever after or not. I’ll keep ya posted.


  1. Ha! I’ll keep you posted on the chicken thing!

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