Old friends and cheerleaders

I met some Texans cheerleaders on Friday. They asked me to join (for obvious reasons), but I had to decline because I can’t be a cheerleader and be a responsible cat owner. Those two things just don’t go well together, I can already tell.

They had been up for 40-something hours (I know, they look totally beat right?) getting their pictures taken for the Texans calendar, which sounds so much like my job except for the getting pictures taken and being in a calendar parts.

Saturday, my stepdad, Casey, Deon, and I flew to San Diego for a half-marathon. Deon and I ran it together, and by together I mean he ran it really fast and finished way before me. It was a really great trip. Jim and Casey both had friends in San Diego, and we all got to spend time catching up, shopping, eating seafood, and getting a California experience.

I don’t think there is anything cuter than old friends. I couldn’t stop grinning the entire time I was with these two. When I first met Pat, he said “Nice to meet you, this is the nicest guy in North America,” and pointed to my stepdad. He was a little off, because my stepdad is actually the nicest guy in the entire world, but I didn’t hold it against him, because he was probably just really intimidated by my NFL cheerleader looks.

Unfortunately I have no proof that Casey was there, but he was! He and Jim are my biggest fans, and I’m so thankful they wake up in the wee hours of the morning to watch me race. Luckily for them I got my best time yet, so they got to spend less time waiting around at the finish line!



  1. Proud of your new time!!! And thankful you decided against the Texans squad…who would come eat carbs with me if you did?!

  2. And NOW I’m in SD. Go figure. Also, why do we not hang out? #seriousquestion

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