Morning quiets and Siri challenges

Normal morning conversations between Casey and Megan:
Casey: Good morning.
Me: Good morning.
(get ready, eat breakfast, watch news)
Me: *rant about something going on in the news*
Me: This is ridiculous.
Casey: *Silence* (He has very little opinions in the morning)
Me: We are going to be late again.
Casey: No, we aren’t.
Me: Yes, we are.
*Get in the car*
Me: Whatchya thinkin’ about?
Casey: Nothing.
Me: Are you okay?
Casey: Yes.
Me: How come you never talk to me in the morning?
Casey: I like my morning quiets.
So today, I gave it a go. I kept the conversation to a minimum.
Ten minutes into the car ride:
Casey: It’s been a quiet morning.
Glad to see my efforts aren’t going unnoticed.

Friday night I made some bacon-wrapped chicken. Obviously it was delicious. It was wrapped in bacon. Here’s the recipe.

Saturday we met the in-laws at Barnaby’s after they returned from an open house at Texas Women’s University, where the smartest sister-in-law ever (mine) will be attending next fall. She is also Casey’s sister and my in-law’s daughter, but more importantly, she is my sister-in-law. Also, she’s really funny, so she has a lot going for her.
Then I got to spend some quality time with my stepdad, who is better than a real dad, because he’s just that spectacular. Here is the world’s greatest dad (and steak-griller and wine-pourer, which are important qualities in a father):
He is iPhone challenged, though. I was showing him how with the new iPhone software, Siri can tell me where to go. After he left, he was apparently trying to get her to do the same for him. This was our texting conversation:
Saturday night we went out with a bunch a friends to drink wine¬†watch the Aggie game. Anyone else see it? That last quarter was exciting. I won’t pretend I watched the first three. I also got to hang out with good friends, including this one:
Obviously she knows how to have a good time. Even when the flower girl innocently looks on.The boys got excited and frustrated many times during the game.

And, Erin and I took selfies during boring parts of the game commercials.

Sunday, I finished my first 5-miler of half-marathon training, and it was a great day for it, because the weather was gorgeous! After church, my mother-in-law made a black bean chili which totally hit the spot, because it was actually cold outside in October in Houston, and that, my friends, is very exciting. I also got to go shopping with my mother-in-law and the smartest sister-in-law ever. During the trip, Maggie and her mom discussed the meaning of “jeggings” and their (ir)relevance to the world. A great time was had by all.Then, OF COURSE, we watched Dexter with Anna and Michael, and OMG DEB, WHY ARE YOU SO CRAZY AND IN LOVE WITH YOUR BROTHER? Also, Casey thought it would be fun to count the number of times Deb drops the F-bomb in one episode. After he got to 20, he decided it wasn’t fun anymore.
Also, look.

Doesn’t Lucy look skinnier? Her diet is working. I’m so proud of her. Soon she is going to be one of those links on Pinterest that says “Worked for me! Best diet ever!”


  1. Tell Lucy I’m so proud of her! She also looks less fluffy…. did you shave her? Scarf time?

  2. Your cat has the best name ever! ;) Congrats on finishing your training!

    XO Lucy

  3. That bacon wrapped chicken looks delicious! Good luck with the marathon training!


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