Leprechauns and boils



I have some meaningless conversations to share! How exciting! First up, you might remember how I casually mentioned I got a new job. It’s been better than I could have ever imagined so far. My free time, blog-reading, and blog-writing has suffered a little, but I think my career is on a better path. I have two cats to support, so my career is obviously really important. The sad part is I had to leave my friends at my old job. Luckily, they all still text me, including Devin, a livestrangeblog favorite.

Last night Devin posted a picture of his dinner on Facebook with a caption along the lines of “romantic dinner at home with my gf! jk i’m alone and at a restaurant.” That was the gist. Anyway, I “liked” it. Mostly because I cook dinner for Casey ALL THE TIME and neither he nor I ever feel the need to post a picture on Facebook, yet I see someone’s dinner on my newsfeed almost every night with some romantic caption about whoever the significant other was that cooked it for them. I’m not h8ing. I just really got a kick out of Devin’s post. Anyway….

photo 1


photo 2

When Devin says “boils” he’s referring to my bunionettes. Sorry if you didn’t know what those were and just Google-imaged it. Sucks to be you. But it sucks more to have bunionettes.

Next up, turns out I’m an expert at ruining text message duets.

photo 3

And finally! My little brother has a girlfriend. And it’s really adorable and all that, but anyway he posted this picture with this obnoxiously romantic caption today.

photo 4

Ew. I know. Love. Gross. Okay, so I started a group text with both of them regarding the picture and how white John’s teeth are in the photo. Then somewhere down the line, we started talking about how we used to call my brother “John John the leprechaun.” It sort of spiraled out of control from there.

photo 5


Sam didn’t really win the spelling bee, y’all. My brother doesn’t date nerds. That’s just me. JK love you Casey. You’re my favorite accountant.

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