John Mayer and gatos

It’s possible I should have been a doctor, because Kaitlin calls me regularly to fix all her Crossfit wounds. Not only do her calls make me question my profession, but also they remind me why I don’t do Crossfit like everyone else on Pinterest and in the world. Check out my bandaging skills below. I’m not posting a picture of the wounds, because it’s too graphic for my blog.

After being the best friend in the whole world, I went to the John Mayer concert (only my sixth time seeing JM live). Shortly before he came on, it started raining, so naturally I knew he was going to open with “Covered in Rain.” Only he didn’t open with “Covered in Rain.” He surprised me by serenading me with “Queen of California,” which naturally I was that night, because my shirt was from a boutique that I got on my trip to San Diego, which obviously Johnny Boy knew and took into consideration when creating his set list. He did play that song, “Paper Doll,” which is supposedly about Taylor Swift, but that wasn’t until, like, two-thirds into the show, so obviously I’m way more of  a priority to him.

Before the rain:

During the rain:

After the rain:

Saturday, we looked at a million model homes and also decided we both need 500% raises to get all the house we want. Then we went to dinner with some friends. It was going really well until one of my friends made the mistake of asking Casey, “So what is it you actually do at work as an accountant?” I gave her the death stare and the conversation went downhill from there. (Just kidding, Casey. I find what you do for a living to be very interesting and helpful to the world, and you’re really important to businesses and also me. P.S. I love you.) The only people who should be interested in what accountants do are accountants, because everyone else is destined to be bored by that explanation.

Sunday, I met my brother’s semi-new girlfriend, Ale. She lives in Peru, and even though she speaks perfect English, I wanted to impress her with my Spanish, so I practiced “Me gusta los gatos” the entire way to my parents’ house. She didn’t say so, but I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was really impressed.

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