Internet and a house

I have been either packing, cleaning, unpacking or waiting for Internet since my last post, but no worries as I still found some time to snap a few photos here and there. We have officially moved into the new house I’ve been talking peoples’ ears off about for MONTHS. I know you’ve all been dying to know how the cats dealt with the move. It’s been a hot topic of conversation lately. They are IN LOVE! They can’t believe they really live here. They have their own room complete with a cat tower and an ironing board…and seeing as we came from the teeniest (exaggeration, ye literal folk) of apartments with very little furniture to spare.

From this:

photo 5

To THIS (a.k.a. luxury):

photo 1

Most of the house still needs a little cleaning and organizing before I go showcasing it on the worldwide web. However, here are some tidbits.

photo 3

That kitchen is my favorite room in the whole house. I feel like a lil chef cooking’ up a storm in there!

photo 2

A nice little table and trees. Oh and some printer paper in the chair. In case I shrink and need a booster. Or something.

photo 4

Cats have successfully mastered jumping into the window you see angels shining light through in the photo above. It’s a heavenly spot.

Anyway, hoping to be back to regularly scheduled blogging (have I ever??) soon. XOXOX, homeowner

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