Housewarming gifts and Consumer Reports

It’s been an adventure putting this house together. And I hope you don’t take that to mean that it is put together, because it’s definitely not. My shoes are still everywhere (but what’s new?) and we still have plenty of boxes to unpack, but things are beginning to come together!

We have also received a few housewarming gifts!

An orchid (non-toxic to felines, thank you Jesus) from our friends Michael and Anna:

photo 3

A bowl from our favorite realtor! I have already started collecting wine corks from bottles we have consumed in the new place.

photo 4

A framed piece of original art from my little brother and his girlfriend. He writes John Hancock style, so allow me to translate: “You’re welcome! [original signatures from both] love, us”:

photo 2

You can get a nice glimpse of our neighbor and ceiling fan in that one!

But of course, there’s only one thing that truly makes my house warm:

photo 5

Bearded mutants are the best mutants.

Also, you might remember my cat nook from previous house posts. Obviously, I had to wait and see if the cats would truly dub it their own or if it would be a long lost dream of mine. WELL MY DREAM WAS REALIZED, PEOPLE!

photo 4

Lucy carefully walks across the stair railing and hops in front of the window where she likes to roll around, meow, sit, etc. Her jumping skills have improved impressively in the past two weeks. Last night we found her on top of the kitchen cabinets, and Casey was THRILLED! Never seen such a proud dad. JK, he was a lil peeved and said she could never do it again. Especially because in true firefighter style I had to climb atop the counters to rescue her.

Our special cat:

photo 3

One of our lovely friends snapped this the other day to indicate new homeowner/marital bliss:


Casey is reading Consumer Reports, per usual. Too bad they don’t publish issues about children. How will Casey ever be able to decide which kind we should have? I kid, I kid.


  1. Nanners says:

    I laughed out loud at the last paragraph. The Consumer Reports reading will pay off because when the time comes, Casey will be able to pick out the safest crib, stroller, high chair and car seat even if he can’t pick out the kid.

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