Home again and rainy days

Casey has been traveling the past three weeks, which I have been avoiding mentioning on the blog for fear of being kidnapped or the cats being kidnapped, but now that he is back in H-town I can tell the world! I’m so glad he is back so I can annoy him by taking my jokes too far and leaving my shoes around the house. The past three weeks no one has noticed my shoes lying around so leaving them out had almost no purpose.

We celebrated Casey’s return by sleeping in on Saturday and then walking to breakfast. Suddenly during breakfast, I realized I did not have anything to wear to watch the Aggie game that evening, so I suggested we go into several stores in search of a fancy maroon shirt (again in celebration of Casey’s return). I did manage to find some maroon apparel. However, during the search, a torrential downpour began. Luckily, Casey and I are really brave so we had no problem running home in the rain with my new clothes carefully wrapped in plastic bags. Spending money and running are two of Casey’s least favorite things (they are two of my favorite things). But at least he got breakfast out of the deal.

Saturday night we ventured over to Yard House for some Aggie-game-watching with our friends! The guy with the mustache photo-bombing is not my friend. I don’t know him. I didn’t even know he existed until I put this photo in my post.

photo 2

photo 1

My friends are models.

photo 5


Sunday was spent mostly at home, because Casey has trouble not watching football. But I did make it out of the house to get my bootay kicked by Stephanie’s new boot camp!



But then I had to come back home to cuddle with the babies.

photo 4

P.S. I updated my Pinterest Success page if you need some new recipe ideas!



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