Hail and sweat

I don’t know how to do Monday posts without just telling you about my awesome weekends … mostly they are awesome, because I get to spend some quality time cuddling with my cats.

Friday night, Casey and I were amateur participants in Relay for Life. I say amateur because we did not stay up the whole night. There are certain hours of the day I refuse to be awake.

Saturday, Sydney came over after boot camp, because we planned to hang by the pool. We ended up doing this:

Because of this:

That’s hail. Which is weird, because I remember praying for it to be sunny so that I could start my tan.

That night, after chunks of ice ceased from shooting out of the sky, we braved the weather and celebrated Darren’s birthday with some Chipotle, pie, and Cranium.

Sunday morning started with a 9-mile run (not church, which is probably why it hailed on Saturday) with this guy:

I don’t know what that hand signal means, so I can’t educate you on that. I know you’re really disappointed, because this is usually such an educational blog.

Deon didn’t think a 9 mile run was enough for one day, so later that afternoon we went to a spinning class.

Then I cuddled with Casey for a very small amount of time before falling asleep at 8:37 p.m.

Molly is so cute.

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