Good Talk and robbing banks



Listening to “Lay Down” in the car.

Casey: This song makes me wanna go do something badass.

Me: Like rob a bank?

Casey: No…not like that.

We obviously have different definitions of badass.


After watching “Dallas Buyers Club”:

Casey: Who names their kid Rayon?

Great takeaway, Case.


After spending the evening watching the season finale of The Bachelor with my girlfriends, I came home find Casey in a good mood because he hadn’t been subjected to the “trash television.”

Me (in my best Juan Pable accent): I think I will go to bed. Get in my pyamas and tell myself a yoke.

Casey (attempting same accent): And then in the morning, you can……………(lots of dots to symbolize long period of silent thinking on Casey’s part and long period of boredom on my part)……(back to American accent) Shoot. There is no J in pancakes.

Es okay, Casey. Es okay.


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