Good Talk and Jennifer Aniston


While getting ready for work one morning…

Casey: You are the prettiest girl in the world.

M: Even prettier than Jennifer Aniston?

C: Megan, do you really think I have a chance with Jennifer Aniston?

M: So, I’m not the prettiest girl in the world. I’m the prettiest girl you had a chance with.

C: Isn’t that what I said?


Before we left for an evening out…

M: Bye, kittens! Have a wonderful evening!

C: Later, f***ers.


While walking along the bayou with my friends, Taylor and Kristyn…

Guy on bicycle: Hey there, ya lil honey dips!

T, K & M: *flattered despite not knowing what a honey dip is*

About a half hour later…

Guy on bicycle: Oh, lookee! There those honey dips again!

So, obviously we had to look up “honey dip.” Turns out there are a few definitions.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Learn somethin’ new errrrry day.


  1. Nanners says:

    Casey’s grandmother would surely tell you to wash his mouth out with soap.

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