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Changed Conversations of the Week to “Good Talk” because…I wanted to.

While at a lovely Christmas party that I will describe in further detail with pictures later this week, a few of my girlfriends and I were singing along to Rhianna’s “Only Girl (in the World)” lyrics, specifically the line “want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world…like I’m the only one that you’ll ever love,” while Casey happened to be sitting nearby. He vainly assumed our musical prose was referencing himself, and therefore stated:

“Okay, all three of you cannot ask that of me at the same time.” I was like, come on, Casey. BE A MAN.

That morning, I had been trying to get the attention of one of said girlfriends (referenced above) by sending a truckload of text messages her way.



Finally, she awoke from her peaceful slumber, so mission accomplished.

Last Thursday was my last day in the office at my job. (GOT A NEW JOB, TALK TO YA BOUT IT L8ER…they will probably fire me if they see I typed later like that, so hopefully this blog is not well-ranked on Google.) I sent an email to the firm thanking them for a wonderful couple of years and letting them know that my going away party would be at 7 p.m. on Saturday at the Houstonian. Coincidentally that’s when and where I had planned our company holiday party. More on that later. Friday morning, I got a snapchat from my friend Devin of my empty office with a note that said “*Expletive that starts with F* you.” So heartwarming. The snapchat came in at about 10 til 7, so I asked him if he slept in his office that night…


In case you were wondering, last Tuesday I wore some pants that may have been a couple sizes too big (I think I got them on sale or something) to work. It provided a great deal of entertainment to my coworkers and they kept me very warm. Also in case you were wondering, today Devin sent me another snap of my empty office and wrote “I hope your new job sucks.” HE IS SUCH A SWEETHEART.

Casey’s grandma came to town today, and we took her out to Lupe’s. We met his parents after work, and we were all starving. His sister and I were already discussing the unfortunate fact that Lupe’s will not seat you until your whole party arrives when Casey missed the exit for the restaurant, because he “couldn’t” get over in time. Well, okay Casey, I GUESS MY STOMACH WILL JUST EAT ITSELF.



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