GlassesUSA and my best-selling novel

Lately my mom has been sporting some hipster glasses, and I’ve really been digging the look. Since we look sort of the same, I decided I needed some hipster glasses too. Also, whenever I picture myself writing my best-selling novel, I’m always wearing big glasses, and I figured that the reason I haven’t written my best-selling novel yet is probably because I didn’t own big glasses. So, I took it upon myself to buy some big hipster glasses.

This is me. Lying on the couch and not writing my best-selling novel despite my new eyeglasses. The best part about this, though, is that I bought the eyeglasses online.

I bought them at, and have used them mostly for watching TV. And looking hipster. It was super easy, because you just plug in your prescription and pay a small amount of money, because these are seriously the most affordable glasses I’ve ever come across.

(I found this picture on Casey’s phone, which I can only assume means he secretly thinks kitten cuddles are adorable.)

You can even “try them on” virtually.

How tech-savvy is that! ┬áIf you buy glasses this way, you can save a couple trips to the store and some moo-lah, which you can use to buy my best-selling novel in 20 or so years. (I’m trying to be ahead of the game with my marketing.)

Molly: Professional selfie photo-bomber.


  1. Love them on you!

  2. I was wondering what style these are from the site. I would love to buy them. They look adorable on you and i have been looking for some similar. :)

    • DANGIT! I should totally know the answer to that, but I don’t :( I know they had a lot that were similar to those though, and mine are still holding up great 6 months later. Such a GREAT deal!

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