Getting dirty and intellectual property

Scott Keneally is coming to my office tomorrow to speak at a workshop we’re hosting. I had never heard of this guy until today, but all of a sudden I’m super pumped about tomorrow.

I work in the intellectual property field, which sometimes is a little boring, because, well, patents are sometimes really boring. But when you get into all the idea-stealing goodies, I’m all ears. Reading about Mark Zuckerberg makes my heart beat really fast. It also makes me never want to tell anyone any of my ideas. Anyway, Scott Keneally accidentally (and then purposefully) found out some hardcore drama about the Tough Mudder. I was originally fascinated because of the scandal. But then I was doubly fascinated, because I’ve done a Tough Mudder, and truthfully I hated it, and I was like see, I can hate the Tough Mudder, because the CEO is an idea-stealer. I can’t hate Mark Zuckerberg, because I love Facebook. Not only did it allow one of my dearest friends to meet the love of her life, but it also provides me with the ability to post lots of pictures of my cats and show their cuteness to the world. The Tough Mudder does not care about my cats, it did not result in the wedding of one of my friends to the love of her life, and it’s really, really hard. And messy.

So, read Scott’s article, because he just provided me with a good half hour of learning, and he has a coolness factor going for him.

You can also read about his Tough Mudder experience here.

My Tough Mudder experience was slightly different. Mostly because I didn’t do the electroshock therapy, because they kept reiterating that you shouldn’t do it if you have a heart condition. Well, I had just been diagnosed with high cholesterol, so OBVIOUSLY felt uncomfortable doing such a thing. Plus, my grandmother has had a heart attack before, and once my mom had a panic attack, so the odds were really not in my favor.

Scott also wrote: “Still, I felt like there was nothing on this course I couldn’t handle.”

Well, for me…I felt like everything on this course I couldn’t handle.

See ya tomorrow, Scott.


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