Gallery wall and sex talks

I feel like my house posts have been lacking a bit since the house is now fully-constructed and we are now living in it. It 100 percent has to do with the fact that now when my house is dirty/messy it’s my fault and not the fault of the people building my house with their bare hands. But I have accomplished a few little things, and thought I’d share.


photo 4

We are a teensy bit in love with that face. We have taken her to the dog park a couple of times where she managed to get gang-banged by two much smaller dogs (including Milo). Casey proceeded to lecture Tory that she need not sleep around to be popular. So at least we know his parenting skills are on point for whenever we have human kids and want to warn them about the dangers of going to the dog park.

photo 1

Her tongue is definitely her best feature.

photo 2

Hey, there ya go! A glimpse of our backyard. Just kidding, it’s not a glimpse. It’s the whole thing!

Here is the dog wall. Lucy¬†has taken it upon herself to make sure Tory knows that all areas of the house belong to her. Even Tory’s crate. Tory also feels defeated by the whole thing.

photo 3

Here’s a little sneak peek at our new living room furniture. I’ll have to elaborate on it later, though. I would take pictures of its current state, but Casey is lounging, and there are a couple pairs of shoes where they don’t belong. Can’t have that for the debut!

photo 2

Casey’s mom came and helped me with my gallery wall a couple weeks ago, and it has started coming together! She used her excellent teacher skills to trace all my frames and other gallery wall items on butcher paper and then cut them to perfection for us to arrange on the wall.


We spent a good couple hours arranging and rearranging and making sure everything felt right and balanced.

I then used Command strips to hang the majority of the pieces. As you can see, the pieces that required actual nails are still hung in brown butcher paper, because tools aren’t really my thang.

photo 1

I still have picture frames to fill as well, but we have time for that!

photo 5

Casey was lecturing Tory (yet again) about the beauty of not eating cats. It was a precious moment for all involved.

More house tour later when I get some good snapshots. Although, I have to admit there isn’t much to see just yet. One room is a cat room, which consists of a desk, plastic bins, unpacked boxes, a cat tower and some cats. And the other is Abbey’s (our temporary tenant/friend) room. Since I’m not sure how Abbey feels about me photographing her room for my mediocre Internet presence, here is a photograph from the weekend when we were living it up (aka talking about how we wanted to either A. go home or B. go to IHOP).

photo 4


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