Foreign chocolate and One Direction

A lot has been happening lately. Mainly my life has been consumed by a court case that I single-handedly won for my firm. And when I say single-handedly, I mean I just helped a teeny tiny bit and was for the most part irrelevant. But, in more interesting news….

1. I ate chocolate that came from a foreign country.

2. I celebrated my MOH’s birthday!

3. I met a famous person from the band, One Direction. I believe they sing the songs that play at the mall. Don’t you love how our hair is flowing in the same one direction? Don’t you love my jokes?

4. My friend, Hannah, got engaged!

I am mostly really happy about this because it is so wonderful when people love each other enough to commit to spending the rest of their lives together Hannah caught the bouquet at my wedding, and unless we are completely mistaken, we believe (out of the group who lined up) that she really is the next to get married! Which basically means what Casey and I have is the truest love of all the humans in the entire universe. See how I found a way to make Hannah’s engagement circle back to me? Pure talent, I tell ya. Photos of Hannah catching the bouquet my brother really wanting to catch the bouquet below.

And later on, Hannah came over to play with Baby Cat, who is revealed in a numbered item on this list that is greater than 4.

5. I went to my company’s crawfish boil, where I did not eat any crawfish, but did drink a lot of fluids. As evidenced by the photo below, I am very well loved at work.

6. I bought my mom a kitten for Mother’s Day.

She wants to name it Molly, which I am OBVIOUSLY against, because my cat is named Molly…we OBVIOUSLY can’t have two cats in the SAME family with the SAME name. I suggested Tory, OBVIOUSLY after her favorite brand of shoes.

7. I celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom and mother-in-law. I don’t have photographic evidence of celebrating with my mom, but I do have this photostrip photo from a long time ago where I assume she was trying to get us to smile. I’m kind of doing it.

8. Casey cuddled with the kitten we got my mom…he said he only liked this cat because it was a temporary cat (we got it the day before Mother’s Day, so she spent the first night with us). Still, I feel this is groundbreaking for our marriage.

We will end on that, because it’s so cute and wonderful.


  1. oooooh muff…. her name is ‘mymolly’ jeeeeeeez!!!

  2. I’m sorry. I know there is so much more in this post, but…



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