Food and baby accountants

I have been whipping up some delicious things in the kitchen lately. Which is actually pretty amazing considering I have been dairy free for about a month, and I’m perfectly aware that most delicious things have cheese in them. Nonetheless, my stomach prefers life without cheese, although my taste buds vehemently disagree. So does Pinterest apparently.

Things I have been whipping up lately:

Crockpot Pulled Chicken

Sweet Potato Fries

Hummus-Crusted Chicken

Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes

I’ve obviously been on a sweet potato kick as of late. Anyway, I thought I’d share some useful information since some of you have mentioned you don’t like cats and that blogging about cats is a pointless hobby. Or if you’re my brother you say: “You have a blog?”

So, I’ve updated my Pinterest Success page in case you’re wondering what to cook for dinner tonight. I have the night off, because Casey recruiting baby accountants.

Y’all tried any good recipes lately?

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