Finding My Blogging Niche: Part II

Today is the second post of a series titled “Finding My Blogging Niche,” in which I will test out “emotional blogging” and document my feelings. 

Today I felt like being dramatic. Maybe it’s because Hurricane Sandy is going after my best friend who just moved to North Carolina. Maybe it’s because Lucy stepped in her own poop this morning and I had to throw her in the sink and scrub her foot clean while listening to her make cat-scream noises. Maybe it’s because it’s Tuesday, I don’t know. But I felt like be dramatic. Those were my feelings. Please see the evidence below which indicates my reaction when Casey told me his company holiday party was scheduled for the same night as my company holiday party. 


And then when Casey told me he wouldn’t be home for dinner…


Lucy and Molly are also being very dramatic. I have no evidence, but I like it when my cats are in tune with my feelings, so I just wrote that.


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