Exotic dance and vacuuming

My blog disappeared for a weekend, and the situation caused me so much stress I decided to ignore the blog for a couple weeks. By decided, I mean accidentally neglected.

Plus, this face is kind of a time suck:

photo 1

Why would I choose to punch away on the keyboard instead of wrestling her on my new rug?

photo 2

Looks like love, but don’t be deceived. She’s actually just plotting her next attack.

We did manage another dog park visit a couple weeks ago, and Tory got to meet Gypsy, Erin’s pup who was adopted coincidentally on the same exact day!

photo 2

Taking a selfie with two dogs and two humans is remarkably challenging, but we nailed it after the 107th try.

Basically there’s nothing new around here. The dog still torments the cats. Sometimes by having a stare down on the stairs.

photo 4

Casey still vacuums while simultaneously dancing.

photo 1

Lucy is still self-involved and sits near portraits of herself.

photo 5

We are still obsessed with the dog.

photo 3

And I’m still honing my exotic dance skills.

photo 3

Just kidding. That’s new.

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