Elves and friends

Hello there, LiveStrangers, which is what I’ve decided to call my readers, even though I know almost every single one of you personally.

Moving on, please see photo evidence of a fantastic weekend.

My sister-in-law graduated as THE DISTINGUISHED STUDENT in the kinesiology department at Texas A&M.

I’m surrounded by geniuses. Including:

My firm’s holiday party happened, which I planned with this fancy lady:

It was supposed to end at midnight, and we didn’t leave until 3 a.m., so I’m just gonna go ahead and say that we throw awesome parties for patent attorneys.

I took my brother in place of Casey, because Casey’s party was the same night, as you’ll remember from this post. Everything turned out okay, except for when Matthew called one of the partners Ted, because he was convinced he looked like Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother. Also, let me mention that the partner looked nothing like this:

Source: http://how-i-met-your-mother.wikia.com/wiki/Ted_Mosby

So, as a result, that partner told me we needed to have a meeting on Monday. The meeting went like this:

Partner: I like your brother.

Me: I like my cats.

Except I didn’t say that. Also, my brother tried to steal a blue, glittery hat from the the Flipbook booth people. Yes, we had a flipbook booth instead of a photo booth. Guess what my mom is getting for Christmas. A scarf. And a flipbook with her twins making obscene gestures posing perfectly as if it were a Christmas card.

Sunday, we celebrated the life of a super great dude who passed away from cancer in March. He liked campfires, laughing, cats, music, and lots of other stuff, but we celebrated him by having a campfire, playing music (not me, because I only know how to make farting noises with my armpit), and laughing a lot. And also I talked about my cats a lot, to honor you, Nathan! At least, I think Nathan liked cats. I’m pretty sure he liked all animals. Including cockroaches, which he once ordered off the Internet. It also ended up being pregnant. So, he had lots of cockroaches. And friends! We miss you, Nate Drake.

Here’s the musical ensemble who played Christmas songs while I ate things off the dessert table:

And here are my friends Maddie and Cat, Nathan’s sister. They are pictured because 1. Maddie refers to Casey as “Dad,” which is a little weird, but I go with it, because I’m sure other couples have worse problems, and 2. Her name is Cat. Therefore, reasoning is obvious.

Also, an elf was there, and he told me that before he left the North Pole, Santa told him I had been very good this year. Which is entirely true, so I’m starting to believe in Santa again. Also, the elf was a kindergartner wearing an elf costume.



  1. agreed. one of the best posts yet!


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