Customizations and carrying your friends

Juan Pablo had my attention Monday, Hannah took up all my time on Tuesday and some high school friends and I met for dinner last night. There was NO time to blog. Such a shame, because I think I had a lot to write about, but my memory sort of fades as the week goes on, so we’ll see how much is still stored up there. Casey has been guilt-tripping me about not posting all week, which I’m not sure makes for a good marriage. And now I’m trying to steal some seconds from dinner off his plate (because if I don’t get my own seconds then the calories don’t count or something like that) and he is forbidding me. Also NOT a key to successful marriage.

I guess we are failing at this. On the bright side, the cats are still thoroughly enjoying their tower which brings both us GREAT joy.

However, it is a 6′ tower with 5 ledges, a condo and a hammock, and yet they often feel the need to both be in the hammock at the same time.

photo 1

No matter where they are sitting though, I always feel the need to take a snapshot.

photo 5

In non-cat related news, the builder of our new house was nice enough to raise the shower head 6″ for Casey because of his EXTREME HEIGHT.

photo 2

His posing could land him a prestigious modeling gig, I’m sure.

ALSO, his carrying skills are superb. We found that out Saturday night when he carried Kristyn around Downtown Houston after she began regretting her shoe choice.

photo 4

When his arms got tired, she just clung to him for dear life.

photo 5

He was real happy about it. Just kidding. Only a small amount happy.

We spent the rest of the night at Pete’s singing the night away.

photo 2

Probably a Journey song. Just a hunch.

photo 4

Probably some really manly song.

photo 3

Guessing a boring song was on, and that’s why we decided it was a great time to take a sisterly photo.

Afterward, Maggie and I took a very interesting cab ride home. Cab driving man did not seem to know his way around Houston so I gave him directions. I know a lot of people who know me will probably be shocked by that information as I’m almost famous for getting lost, but I did spend two years driving home from Downtown Houston, so I kind of knew what was up. However, whenever I asked him to make a turn or anything he would just say “Sure.” As if I was asking him if he wanted ice cream or a stray kitten. Every time, Maggie and I were led to make eye contact with each other while half-smiling and trying not to burst, because things are always funnier when laughing would be awkward if you did it, plus it was 2 a.m. SO AGAIN, everything funnier.

I guess that’s all I got for now. PEACE.



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