Crystal and cat towers

First things first. I’m sure you’re all DYING to see a house update. So I will tell you that we bought our first piece of furniture for the new house. Feast your eyes!

photo 5

It’s a tad larger than it looked on the Internet, and it takes up a good portion of “being” space in our current nest, but I’m sure it’ll be less overwhelming in the new digs….No? Agree to disagree for now. I’m sure it will surprise all of you to find out that this purchase was not my idea. No, no, no, Casey came up with this brilliant idea all on his own while scrolling through the Groupon app one night. He justifies the fact that this was his idea by saying that he thought it would take the cats’ attention off him and that it would make them be less “annoying.” Hard to tell whether that’s the case or not, but they are really loving the cat tower. At least one of them is almost always on it, and the nightly catscapades are even more entertaining with a 6′ tall architectural masterpiece for them to use to their advantage.

For those not interested in cat stuff and more interested in how I spent my weekend (can’t imagine either category adds up to much, but there are some of you who keep coming back for both!), here are the deets…

1. Kaitlin ran her first marathon! And in order to swing this conversation back to me, because I’m selfish like that, let’s talk about how I’m the greatest friend ever and woke up at 4:30 a.m. and ran 7/26.2 miles with her! In all seriousness, I’m super proud of her, and my only wish is that she would have been ready to run two years ago so we could have run it together, because the likeliness of either of us ever running another 26.2 again is miniscule. She brought up the whole “I’m never doing this again” at mile 6, so….like I said, small possibility of a numero dos.

photo 1

That picture was obviously taken pre-26.2 as evidenced by that giant smile on her face.

Sunday, we had BRUNCH (don’t ya love brunch?) with the in-laws and then obviously made them walk through the house with us for, I dunno, hours? We just love those pieces of wood. Then that night we celebrated my mom’s birthday and got to spend time with her high school friend, Janet, who you might remember once served me vodka after I had just consumed a very spicy jalapeño. Do I talk about that too much? Just such a great experience, ya know. And I want you to think I’m kind of a badass. So anyway, I want everyone to see how beautifully wrapped my mom’s present was so you all know I’m a stellar daughter.

photo 3

I didn’t wrap it. I had it gift wrapped, but I had it gift wrapped beautifully, did I not?

My brothers and I are still into Fireball. I know some people are over it, but we are not. But when you drink Fireball at my parents’, you drink it out of crystal, so I feel like we’re still keeping it classy.

photo 2

Good times.

To end this, I’ll show you a picture of Molly ignoring the cat tower and sitting on my lap. Obviously glad that still happens.

photo 4

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