Conversations and magic

Casey recently replaced a lightbulb in our bathroom with an energy efficient bulb.

Me: This new light makes me look like a vampire. I’m afraid this will be really bad for my self image.

Casey: Are you going to make me change it?

Me: Do you want me to cry every day because I’ve convinced myself I look like a vampire?

Casey: How do you know it makes you look like a vampire? Vampires don’t have reflections.

The kid can tell jokes. But he has horrible taste in lightbulbs.


I don’t know his sister’s skill level when it comes to picking out lightbulbs, but she definitely has a knack for the one-liners.

I know you’re all jealous this is who I get to spend holidays with for the rest of my life.



I’m finally reading the Harry Potter series. In previous days of my life I read books 1,2, and 7, but apparently that’s a crime, so I reread 1 and 2, and now I’m on 3. My HP-loving soulmate friend and I were discussing life per usual and I mentioned that Harry had been teaching me some spells so I can now perform magic tricks. (Tad bit of profanity below. Wizards make me “curse.” LOL.)



  1. *laughter ensues*

    I love this. All of this.

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