Conversations and Jesus

We have a trip planned with both our families to Colorado to celebrate lots of anniversaries this summer. My parents are driving up before the rest of us, and my stepdad likes to send me occasional emails regarding the trip.

Jim: I have an expedition reserved in Gunnison starting on your big day.

Me: The day we get in? What is the expedition? (Thinking white water river rafting, a nice mountain climbing adventure, etc.)

Jim: Maybe a Ford.

Turns out it’s just a rental car.


Because Casey’s birthday fell on Easter this year, we celebrated a day early, and I went ahead and gave him his birthday presents, too. At first he was hesitant.

Casey: I shouldn’t open them today. I should wait until my real birthday. I want to have presents to open on my real birthday.

Me: Jesus is going to rise from the dead tomorrow. Isn’t that a good enough present?

Needless to say, he went ahead and opened his tickets to the Aggie baseball game next weekend and the Dave Matthews Band tickets for May. He also ate Shipley Donuts and Lupe’s fajitas that day. Then Sunday, Jesus came back. Weekend full of presents.


Texting with an 11-year-old girl is really entertaining. She sent me a picture of a boy, and I was wondering why she had a boy in her house (she’s out of school this week), but turns out he’s someone from One Direction … that band. Shortly after this exchange, she sent me a text from Jesus explaining that tomorrow would be the best day of my life if I forwarded the message to 14 of my friends in 10 minutes. I failed to do so, so looks like it’ll just be a regular ol’ Wednesday for me.


  1. I <3 1D!

    I <3 cats


  2. Katiedid says:

    Wait, did we ever clear up if the boy from One Direction was in her house? Cuz if so, she’s gonna be the coolest person in school!

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