Christmas parties and selfies

I know last week I kept saying I was going to tell you things “later this week!” and it really was my intention. But then Wednesday morning I woke up around 2 a.m. puking, which led me to believe I was either A. pregnant or B. dying. When I was still puking hours later, I woke Casey up and pathetically begged him to take me to a clinic, because I was sure I was only hours away from death. Luckily for me, I married someone with much more common sense than I possess, and Casey figured out quickly that it was either a bug or food poisoning. Leave it to the accountant to make a medical diagnosis! Anyway, I was feeling rather blah the rest of the week and didn’t have it in me to bloggity blog blog. SO HERE WE GO!

Last weekend was my last hoorah at my now “old job.” It was technically the company holiday party, but I made sure to greet everyone who walked in with a big ‘ol “WELCOME TO MEGAN’S PARTY!” And in case that wasn’t obnoxious enough, I then proceeded to dance on stage with the band I hired to perform all night.


Oh and I had taken my shoes off, because…classy like that. I was very sad to be ending an era of working with such great people, like Devin…who you might remember from lots of posts.


And Erin, who I chatted with daily! She listened to so many ramblings.



That’s Chip, the cigar roller we hired for the par-tay. He was very good at making cigars, which I don’t think a lot of people can say! We also had a smilebooth, obvies.


All around great going away party in honor of me.

The night before that party, we went to a Christmas party that I’m not sure was supposed to include unusual outfits, but Casey and I always like to be the best dressed wherever we go, so we went big.

At first no one could tell Casey had anything special planned for the party. (Except for the tiny hint near his shoes.) It was real casual.


But then he took his pants off, and everyone was like “Oh wow, that outfit is SO aesthetically pleasing!”


I, of course, wore a Christmas cat shirt.



Casey also wanted me to include some photos he took at the party where he was documenting all my selfies. This is REAL behind the scenes of this mildly unimportant blog.




Very artistic. Nice documentary, Casey!

Recap of the weekend that just happened to come later this week. Or so I say now.



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