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Mother Knows Best

I hope you all have heard of Sage Magazine, but if you haven’t, you should check them out! They publish great DIY articles, recipes, funny stories, and so much more. It’s beautifully done. Lucky for me, I had an article published in their fancy issue this month, and you should check it out (page 55). Especially if you have a mom and are about to get married. Because that’s what it’s about. Also, if you do read the article, and you find yourself thinking to yourself that I look a lot different in that picture, that’s because that’s not me. But here is a picture of my real mom and my real self! (And some of the details my mom had a huge hand in helping put together.)

Sorry, I’m a goob. But my mom is quite the looker, am I right?

Lucy did it, and you can too

All I wanted was to have a hair appointment and an eye appointment on the same day. Unfortunately, people seem to want to get their hair done and their eyes examined on different days, leaving random openings for me to fill in. So, now I can’t have freshly cut hair and freshly examined eyes with fresh contacts on the same day. I’m only going to be half fresh on two different days instead of whole fresh on one really awesome day. Now, I’m going to have to get my eyebrows waxed.

On the bright side, Lucy has lost all the weight she needs to be not pre-diabetic. This is not an opinion from the vet. This is my opinion, because I have determined she looks like a regular cat again and not one that is fat.



Okay. That first one isn’t really Lucy, but I just know that’s what she would have looked like when she was fat if we shaved her. Know it.

Speaking of cats, our friend got one. See below Casey’s and my very different reactions to this exciting news. (P.S. Amy, sorry you’re still listed in my phone as “Darren’s GF.” You are obviously so much more now that you own a cat.)

My response:
Casey’s response:
I’m trying not to write anything embarrassing, because one of the partners in my office found my blog and said it was embarrassing. He also keeps calling Casey “Corey,” which is weird, because I get his wife’s name right. Though, his wife’s name is Kat. And that’s easy for me to remember for obvious reasons (I have cats).


I waited until the last minute to go to the polls in hopes that I would have to break the tie for America and I could just have the whole election at the tips of my fingers (literally, electronic voting because it’s 2012). Anyway, I was hoping that it would happen, because it would make a pretty awesome blog post, but since I got there at 6:50 p.m. instead of right at 7 p.m., I was not the last person to vote, and therefore have nothing to blog about. 

Finding My Blogging Niche: Part II

Today is the second post of a series titled “Finding My Blogging Niche,” in which I will test out “emotional blogging” and document my feelings. 

Today I felt like being dramatic. Maybe it’s because Hurricane Sandy is going after my best friend who just moved to North Carolina. Maybe it’s because Lucy stepped in her own poop this morning and I had to throw her in the sink and scrub her foot clean while listening to her make cat-scream noises. Maybe it’s because it’s Tuesday, I don’t know. But I felt like be dramatic. Those were my feelings. Please see the evidence below which indicates my reaction when Casey told me his company holiday party was scheduled for the same night as my company holiday party. 


And then when Casey told me he wouldn’t be home for dinner…


Lucy and Molly are also being very dramatic. I have no evidence, but I like it when my cats are in tune with my feelings, so I just wrote that.

Siri. So dumb right now. Siri.

Finally tried spaghetti squash! Now all the Pinterest recipes can stop taunting me! It was much easier than zoodles, though zoodles were delicious and really not hard. I made a “cheesy veggie ‘pasta’ bake” with spaghetti squash as the pasta, and my friend Connie and I agreed it was a success. Much healthier than fried chicken and cupcakes, which is basically what I ate yesterday. Sorry for telling you again what I ate yesterday after acknowleding that I’ve met all those people who don’t want to know what I eat…

I had a lovely conversation with Siri today.


I feel like she doesn’t understand me AT ALL!

But Molly was looking super adorable tonight.