Old friends and cheerleaders

I met some Texans cheerleaders on Friday. They asked me to join (for obvious reasons), but I had to decline because I can’t be a cheerleader and be a responsible cat owner. Those two things just don’t go well together, I can already tell.

They had been up for 40-something hours (I know, they look totally beat right?) getting their pictures taken for the Texans calendar, which sounds so much like my job except for the getting pictures taken and being in a calendar parts.

Saturday, my stepdad, Casey, Deon, and I flew to San Diego for a half-marathon. Deon and I ran it together, and by together I mean he ran it really fast and finished way before me. It was a really great trip. Jim and Casey both had friends in San Diego, and we all got to spend time catching up, shopping, eating seafood, and getting a California experience.

I don’t think there is anything cuter than old friends. I couldn’t stop grinning the entire time I was with these two. When I first met Pat, he said “Nice to meet you, this is the nicest guy in North America,” and pointed to my stepdad. He was a little off, because my stepdad is actually the nicest guy in the entire world, but I didn’t hold it against him, because he was probably just really intimidated by my NFL cheerleader looks.

Unfortunately I have no proof that Casey was there, but he was! He and Jim are my biggest fans, and I’m so thankful they wake up in the wee hours of the morning to watch me race. Luckily for them I got my best time yet, so they got to spend less time waiting around at the finish line!


Hail and sweat

I don’t know how to do Monday posts without just telling you about my awesome weekends … mostly they are awesome, because I get to spend some quality time cuddling with my cats.

Friday night, Casey and I were amateur participants in Relay for Life. I say amateur because we did not stay up the whole night. There are certain hours of the day I refuse to be awake.

Saturday, Sydney came over after boot camp, because we planned to hang by the pool. We ended up doing this:

Because of this:

That’s hail. Which is weird, because I remember praying for it to be sunny so that I could start my tan.

That night, after chunks of ice ceased from shooting out of the sky, we braved the weather and celebrated Darren’s birthday with some Chipotle, pie, and Cranium.

Sunday morning started with a 9-mile run (not church, which is probably why it hailed on Saturday) with this guy:

I don’t know what that hand signal means, so I can’t educate you on that. I know you’re really disappointed, because this is usually such an educational blog.

Deon didn’t think a 9 mile run was enough for one day, so later that afternoon we went to a spinning class.

Then I cuddled with Casey for a very small amount of time before falling asleep at 8:37 p.m.

Molly is so cute.

Boston and pedal parties

I like to keep things light-hearted, and I don’t often comment publicly on the tragic circumstances our world faces regularly. Mostly because I’m not the president and no one is knocking on my door or leaving a message on my machine asking for a comment. Also, I spent three years covering news and writing about horrible things, and I no longer do that ¬†because, frankly, writing about all the bad stuff makes me lose sight of all the good stuff. Some people have a talent for separating writing news during the day and thinking happy thoughts when they go home at night. I’m not one of those people. BUT I do know what it’s like to cross the finish line after running 26.2 miles, and when I did, I cried some really happy and relieved tears despite telling my running partner at Mile 1 that it would be ridiculous to cry after running a marathon, because how does one cry when they are really, really tired from running 26.2 miles? Turns out being really, really tired is actually a catalyst for dramatic emotion. So, I can’t imagine crossing the finish line and being blown away by an explosion or learning that others had been blown away. I can’t imagine how terrified all the survivors are. And I can’t imagine what the purpose of these things that keep happening is. But I’m probably not supposed to know the reason.

All I know is I have a lot to be thankful for. Including a fabulous weekends spent laughing and enjoying a couple really delicious breaks from the Paleo challenge.

It started with a visit to see my nieces and nephews.

Then I had the pleasure of trying Uchi for the first time. I wish I could tell you what we had, but Mark just told the waiter to bring us whatever the chef had planned for the night. Let me just tell you that I hated none of it, and I loved all of it. They did describe everything, but I was drinking sake … and they kept bringing out different sake with each course … so after they explained to me what the food was, the only thing I could remember was that it was delicious.

I do know that that is raw steak and a scallop being cooked on a hot rock. But I could have figured that out by simply viewing this dark, grainy picture and not actually experience the exquisiteness myself. Which I did … on Friday … with the sake.

The bottom left is something called “fried milk,” which is not Paleo or dairy-free. But it is … delicious.

Saturday, I spent the day with my family, mostly shopping. That’s one of our favorite things to do together. It’s mutually beneficial. I get some cute clothes, and my mom and stepdad get some free jokes and lots of hugs and gratitude. My mom also gets really cute shoes, and then I pray that she loses her taste for them and gives them to me. It all works out.

Saturday night was the 9th edition of my in-laws’ wedding gift. They have given us a date night every month we’ve been married. Saturday’s date was a trip to the Miller Outdoor Theater complete with a delicious picnic that included red cloth napkins (for a romantical vibe), fresh fruit, wine, cookies, and “big sammich” — one of my favorite things my mother-in-law makes. We saw Thoroughly Modern Millie. It was thoroughly entertaining and performed by kids, all under the age of 18. Those were some impressive kids.¬†I once played a police man in a play. I had to knock on a door and say “POLICE! Open up!” Or something like that. These kids were singing and dancing and saying all sorts of really hilarious lines. Obviously much more theatrically talented.

Afterward, we came home and I fell asleep with my cats. Casey documented the experience.

Sunday, we celebrated Erin’s birthday by pedaling a large machine. It was called a pedal party. It was a great decision. Probably one of the best ways I’ve spent a block of three hours.

That’s Devin. He is a fabulous dancer. Our friend Courtney made cupcakes, but they were quickly destroyed when we took a bumpy sharp turn. Note to anyone ever participating in a pedal party, hold on to your cupcakes.



Relays and moms

This weekend, I ran a relay marathon with my marathon buddy and both our moms. One thing I’ve never understood when I go to marathons is all the elite runners who practice running across the start line like 100 times. Why not just treat the first couple miles as your warm-up? You already have to run 26.2, so why you runnin’ extra? Number 1 reasons why I will never be an elite runner. Number 2 reason is because I prefer running slow or as some like to call it “jogging.”

A fourth of the work, and we still got a medal and a T-shirt, so overall seems like a better deal. My mom isn’t wearing her medal because she prefers fashionable scarves. She is very fancy like that. Also yesterday was her birthday! I’m so happy she was born. If not I wouldn’t have been born, and Lucy and Molly would probably be homeless.


Cat clothes and tacos

I found the new greatest invention ever. Probably a false statement. I’m sure the patent attorneys I work with find the actual new greatest inventions on the reg. However, I am most impressed with StitchFix, which I heard about from numerous other blogs I happen to stumble upon on a daily basis. If you’ve ever wanted your own personal stylist to do some shopping for you and deliver the clothes to your door, consider StitchFix your dream come true. That’s exactly what they do.

They even stalk your social media channels, which I 100% approve of. Obviously, one of my items was this:



But I did end up keeping this adorable skirt…and wore it out Friday night, because obviously when you get new clothes, you should wear them as soon as possible.

I hope you like Molly’s guest appearance in photo on the right. I also hope you like my excellent selfie skillz.

In addition to succeeding in fashion world this weekend, I also succeeded in food world. TWO Pinterest successes. One of which was Paleo bread, which was obviously terrifying, because how on earth can be bread be delicious without flour in it? Turns out when you use this recipe.

Also, the Super Bowl happened which had pretty much zero effect on my life except that I felt like making these tacos, because that seemed like a stereotypical football-watching food to make.


Exercise and ice cream

More health.

Sunday I attended a DEFINErevolution class with some cool kids from high school. Literally the cool kids: Lacey and Stephanie. It was one of the best group exercise classes I’ve ever taken, even though the instructor only pointed out 1,678 times that I was new. I thought I was holding my own in the very back of the class, but every 10 minutes or so, she’d say “How ya doin’, Megan?” or something along those lines, and what was I supposed to say? The music was very loud and the room was dark, which I appreciated, but it made it very hard to communicate via using my words when I didn’t have a microphone like said instructor. I did come out looking like I had gone for a swim though, so I appreciated the workout, and I’ve already signed up to go again this weekend. Same instructor. Hopefully, she will remember that I have been once, and therefore do not need to be called out ever again.

Despite losing every ounce of my water weight Sunday night, Rachel and I got up for a P90X workout Monday morning. It was a hilarious video. Why that stuff isn’t on Comedy Central is beyond me. Guy says the craziest stuff, and it’s even funnier at 5:30 in the morning when I’m delirious and attempting an exercise called the “banana roll,” which is actually pretty hysterical in and of itself. Then, to make sure we did the craziest thing of all time, we ran 10 miles after work. We planned to end our run at Marble Slab to reward ourselves for excellent health decisions the previous week, because after running 10 miles you’ve surely burned enough calories for an ice cream cone. However, when we arrived at the ice cream shop, we only wanted bottled water. Which is weird, because at pretty much every other moment in my life, I have wanted/craved/desired an ice cream cone. Yet, at a moment when I really could have guiltlessly (not a word; using it anyway) enjoyed oodles of frozen sugar, it seemed to be the last thing I wanted. Life makes absolutely no sense.

I have no pictures of previous events, but in case you don’t follow me on Instagram, here are some pictures of my cats: