Animal Face and hardwood floors

Well you guys are in for a REAL treat tonight homeskillets! When writing this blog post in my head before tonight, I had other things planned, but THEN I stumbled upon a post from my favorite insta account/blogger/person (can’t link to live humans unfortunately)/living thing/piece of God’s creation/etc. and things REALLY took a turn for the totally fabulous. It wasn’t even the actual post that got me, but one of the comments suggesting Grace try the app Animal Face. (BTW, it appears that today’s instapost was taken down, not sure why, maybe controversy as I hear that’s an issue with popular bloggers? Mine is mostly about cats and while cats are an extremely controversial subject, the neggy nancy commenters haven’t seem to have found me yet.) So I suddenly felt compelled to download this app, because 1. animals 2. face. Seemed like obvious fun to me. And it was.

photo 1

I’ll just interject here before posting more of my beautiful creations to let ya hear a lil story about my weekend. My friend Catherine asked my friend Ryan (pictured above with the white tiger) and me to run a 5K for her company on Saturday. I said yes, because charitable running events are my thang (probably cause of my big ol’ giant heart). Well, long story short we got lost on the way and were 15 minutes late. No worries though, because Ryan jumped out of the car (that’s a lil dramatic I guess) and ran it in something stupid like 18 minutes and won his age group. Catherine and I sort of lolligagged to registration and had every intention of still running, but we got stopped by a SCREAMING cop, and that is not dramatic, that is real. So then we had to wait like a gazillion hours (a lil dramatic again, I’ll admit) after the race so Ryan could get his STUPID medal for moving his legs so quickly. Little bit of a showoff if you ask me.

Anyway, continuing with the gold.

photo 2

That’s Abbey. Or a foxy thing.

photo 3

Kristyn just trying on clothes casually.

photo 4

I’m the cat, duh.

photo 5

LOL, remember this one guys?

photo 4

Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

I’ll stop. But isn’t it grand?

After the 5k we ate a train wreck, which is this:

photo 2


Also, in case you don’t follow my Instragram (you should…lots o’ cats), here’s a lil cute thang:

photo 1

A little awkward when Molly hated Casey’s attempt at love, but what ya gonna do.

Also, new house has hardwoods!

photo 1

Can’t wait to walk on those floors.

One more thing, cats found their tails only after we purchased the cat tower:

photo 2

Hilarious. But not as hilarious as Grace’s kids. Go read that blog for lots of laughs and a slight case of toddler fever.

Crystal and cat towers

First things first. I’m sure you’re all DYING to see a house update. So I will tell you that we bought our first piece of furniture for the new house. Feast your eyes!

photo 5

It’s a tad larger than it looked on the Internet, and it takes up a good portion of “being” space in our current nest, but I’m sure it’ll be less overwhelming in the new digs….No? Agree to disagree for now. I’m sure it will surprise all of you to find out that this purchase was not my idea. No, no, no, Casey came up with this brilliant idea all on his own while scrolling through the Groupon app one night. He justifies the fact that this was his idea by saying that he thought it would take the cats’ attention off him and that it would make them be less “annoying.” Hard to tell whether that’s the case or not, but they are really loving the cat tower. At least one of them is almost always on it, and the nightly catscapades are even more entertaining with a 6′ tall architectural masterpiece for them to use to their advantage.

For those not interested in cat stuff and more interested in how I spent my weekend (can’t imagine either category adds up to much, but there are some of you who keep coming back for both!), here are the deets…

1. Kaitlin ran her first marathon! And in order to swing this conversation back to me, because I’m selfish like that, let’s talk about how I’m the greatest friend ever and woke up at 4:30 a.m. and ran 7/26.2 miles with her! In all seriousness, I’m super proud of her, and my only wish is that she would have been ready to run two years ago so we could have run it together, because the likeliness of either of us ever running another 26.2 again is miniscule. She brought up the whole “I’m never doing this again” at mile 6, so….like I said, small possibility of a numero dos.

photo 1

That picture was obviously taken pre-26.2 as evidenced by that giant smile on her face.

Sunday, we had BRUNCH (don’t ya love brunch?) with the in-laws and then obviously made them walk through the house with us for, I dunno, hours? We just love those pieces of wood. Then that night we celebrated my mom’s birthday and got to spend time with her high school friend, Janet, who you might remember once served me vodka after I had just consumed a very spicy jalapeño. Do I talk about that too much? Just such a great experience, ya know. And I want you to think I’m kind of a badass. So anyway, I want everyone to see how beautifully wrapped my mom’s present was so you all know I’m a stellar daughter.

photo 3

I didn’t wrap it. I had it gift wrapped, but I had it gift wrapped beautifully, did I not?

My brothers and I are still into Fireball. I know some people are over it, but we are not. But when you drink Fireball at my parents’, you drink it out of crystal, so I feel like we’re still keeping it classy.

photo 2

Good times.

To end this, I’ll show you a picture of Molly ignoring the cat tower and sitting on my lap. Obviously glad that still happens.

photo 4

Running and thunder-stealing

I was trying to break two hours in the Houston Half-Marathon this weekend but was about nine minutes too late. But hey, if the race had only been 12 miles, I would have totally reached my goal. It was still my best time ever, and I’m always happy to finish those things, so I’m definitely not complaining. I was on track to go under two hours until about mile seven or eight when I started questioning the whole idea of marathons in general and smelling donuts. (Side Note: I overheard another runner tell her runner friend that the donuts smelled disgusting while she was running. I was like DUDE STFU NO THEY DON’T THEY ACTUALLY SMELL DELICIOUS. But I just kept quiet so as not to ruin my momentum.) I actually just felt like I completely ran out of gas. Running out of gas in a car when you have more than five miles to go is rough, so imagine running out of gas when you’re…running. I have a feeling Sunday wasn’t my last half-marathon though, so I’ll have another chance! Plus I didn’t want to steal the Ethiopians’ thunder and finish the half before they had a chance to finish the full. I hate to rain on parades like that.

My two biggest fans, my stepdad and Casey, came to cheer me on, and Casey took some snapshots. Only problem was this chick kept thinking he was taking pictures of her, so she’s the main focus of all my pictures. She obviously has no qualms about stealing someone’s thunder.


Casey’s response: Megan, I can’t help it I’m so good looking. Girls like to smile at me.

Real cute.

After walking around aimlessly for a half hour or so (not fun after a lengthy jog around H-town) looking for my favorite dudes, Casey finally came running toward me in a romantic fashion, and I’m not quite sure I’ve ever been happier to see him ever ever ever in my life. It was like waking up in the middle of the night feeling close to death from thirst, sticking your head under the faucet of your bathroom sink, and wondering why they don’t charge hundreds of dollars for tap water because dayuuuum it tastes so good at odd hours of the night. Casey is my 3 a.m. tap water. Heartz.

After reuniting, we started making our way to the car when a kind volunteer stopped me to congratulate me. (She had probably confused me with the Ethiopians who won the race. Classic mistake. Happens to me all the time.) I thanked her and as we continued our stroll, Casey pondered  outloud:

“Do you think she’s congratulating you on that race or the fact that you married me?”

Gee, Case. I dunno. That’s a toughie.

Later that day, I was resting my feet on Casey, because you can do that when you’re married and someone has decided they’ll be with you forever no matter what life throws your way and also no matter what your feet look like. And I said to Casey something about how my feet really are ugly. I wasn’t looking for a response and I definitely wasn’t fishing for a compliment from Casey even though he is quite good at giving me one when I do go fishing for one. I have known for quite some time I have hideous feet, and I’ve accepted it. Sometimes I just like to admit it outloud. Or maybe I just like to hear myself talk in general, not sure. Nevertheless I got a response.

Casey: “Not your best feature. Not your best feature.”

Said twice for dramatic effect.



Dress stress and turkeys

Howdy gangstas. I am back from Thanksgiving break, but sure am not recovered. My workin’ pants were awfully difficult to button this morning, but at least the turkey I ate last Thursday was delish enough to be worth it. Did not help that we attended a gorgeous wedding with oodles of snacks and a to-die-for dinner Saturday night. Had zero self-control. ZERO, I tell ya. Time to reel it back in though, because after Christmas shopping most of last week, we really cannot afford to buy me a new wardrobe. Casey is nodding as he is reading this. I can feel it. Marriage can do that to ya. OH and FYI, I hope you stay til the end of this post, because there is some helpful fashion advice at the end. EXCITING!

So here are the recent haps.

My sister-in-law made another appetizing turkey similar to last year’s. Had to take a picture, because he was just so cute.

photo 4

Oh I could just eat him!

My mom and I shopped til we dropped, and she bought me this new coat, which is one of the reasons I love her.

photo 1

Isn’t she just the cutest little hipster mom ya ever saw?

Did that Turkey Trot like always. Best 10K time eva, and I don’t mind braggin’ ’bout it or using apostrophes.

photo 2

Oh we look so stunning at 7 a.m., don’t we? SO glam.

photo 3

Post Turkey Trot, pre-Turkey-Eat.

We decorated for Christmas, and the kitties are thrilled, because now they have a fake pine to chomp on and wrapped presents to stomp on.

photo 1

One day I should stop taking all my pictures on my iPhone.

Saturday we meandered up to Austin for Colby and Tanner‘s wedding. It was gorgeous and breathtaking and lovely and just a grand ol’ time. Casey’s best man was the best man again, because I guess he is everyone’s best friend! We sure like him! He likes Casey, too, as evidenced below.

photo 4

Casey wasn’t a groomsman, but he did have a very important job.

photo 2


photo 5

More blurriness. Hope you like my dress, because Casey and I sure had an adventure getting it on! We spent an hour (not an exaggeration, even Casey will tell you) trying to zip that thing up before we left for Austin, but it kept getting stuck at the seam. At one point we couldn’t get it up or down, which meant I could not get the dress totally on or totally off. HILARIOUS. Except not, because I was STRESSED. We had to leave for hippie-town ASAP. So, I told Casey I would just deal with it in the car. And he was all “How are you going to do it in the car if you can’t even do it standing up?” or something all practical and logical like that, and I was all “Casey, just trust me” or something all philosophical and marriage-y like that. So, we get in the car, and I am no longer stressed, because I know I have 3-ish hours to get in or out of this dress. (I brought a spare, just in case.) And wouldn’t ya know it, five minutes into the car ride I had successfully removed the dress from my body (and put on another, just in case you wanted to know if I was riding shotgun naked…I wasn’t…for the majority of the car ride). Here was the trick (in case you ever find yourself in this stressful STRESSFUL STRESSFUL situation: relax. You know when you put on a ring that’s too small and then you STRESS and you feel claustrophobic and your finger swells up MORE and then it’s just AAHHHHHHHHHHH I’M GONNA DIE BECAUSE MY CIRCULATION IS GOING TO GET CUT OFF AND WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF MY CATS IF I’M DEAD? The WORST, am I right? But then someone calms you down, you take a few deep breaths and then POP, ring comes off your finger like no problemo. So, I said to myself as this dress was stuck on my bod, I said “RELAX MEGAN JUST CALM THE EFF DOWN FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE.” And I took a few deep yoga-ish breaths, and I just sort of melted out of the dress. Magical. So then I zipped it all the way after several tries, because that zipper had a habit of getting stuck at the seam whether it was on or off my body. I asked Casey if he thought I should try to put it on with the zipper all zipped up, and he said “Megan, just take a break from the dress.” Again with the logic and practicality. This kid. So I took  a break, and then I went in for round 157 of trying to get this dress on, because I REALLY wanted to wear THAT dress. I used the same technique. I said “RELAX MEGAN JUST CALM THE EFF DOWN FOR THE SECOND TIME IN YOUR LIFE.” And then I just melted into the dress. And then I popped back into the front seat, and Casey was just FLABBERGASTED that I got back into that dress. I just LOVE blowing his mind with all my magic tricks.

Falling asleep and angels

Another weekend GONE. Don’t know how that keeps happening. Casey and I had an overall relaxing weekend, which was nice after we I got super cray last weekend. In fact, 11 p.m. last Saturday night was pretty much polar opposite to 11 p.m. this past Saturday night.

Last Saturday:

photo 2

This Saturday:

photo 5

Apparently now that I’m 25 it takes a full week to recover from a night out on the town. We went to Abbey and Catherine’s to watch the Aggie game with our friends Saturday night, but at least three of us didn’t quite make it til the end. Give me a couch and a blanket any time of day (but especially after 9 p.m.) and I have no problemo takin’ a bit of a snooze. I was in charge of food for the peeps, and I tried some new Pinterest recipes that all turned out just fab. I was inspired by my recent trip to Pittsburgh to make some stuffed jalapenos. I tried to get my friends (all LiveStrange readers, holla) to do vodka shots after, but they refused, because of this post. Their loss, because now what are they going to blog about? How they just enjoyed stuffed jalapenos on Saturday night? Snore. Good thing they don’t have blogs, am I right?

photo 3

Such a good little poser for pictures food hoverer.

Here’s a gem we snapped before we fell asleep.

photo 4

Duck faces to the max.

The menu for Aggie game night (all successes!):

Stuffed jalapenos

Gluten-free chili 

Jalapeno cheddar cornbread muffins (made with whole wheat flour for a touch of health)

And for dessert: White chocolate s’mores gooey cake bars (no health added)…We had to eat this straight out of the pan because the gooeyness was at level one hundred. So, if you have trouble with germs, I don’t recommend making these. How Picky Palate got her bars to be cut into perfect little squares is beyond me. However, everyone agreed it tasted like angels made it, which is almost true, because I’m practically an angel if you think about it.

Luckily Sunday I had to do some half-marathon training, because I’m running the Houston race in January, and I’m attempting to do it in under two hours, which is a bit of a stretch considering my fastest one yet took 2 hours and 11 minutes, but I’m determined to get faster at these things if I’m going to keep signing up for them. I did my four mile run in 35 minutes, which is ahead of schedule to run the race in 1 hour, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds, which is the exact time I’m going for. Also, my first mile of that jog was done in 7 minutes and 44 seconds, which made me feel like a future Olympian. I dream big. Considering when I was marathon-training two years ago my pace was 12 min/mile, I’m stoked to have a pace that’s a little farther away from “practically-walking speed.” Anyway point is, I tried to work off that “divine intervention dessert” (named by Abbey) the following day, and seeing as I also got my fastest 5k time (26.45) that day, I’m thinking maybe I should eat that thing every night before a run. Carbo-loading at its finest.

Home again and rainy days

Casey has been traveling the past three weeks, which I have been avoiding mentioning on the blog for fear of being kidnapped or the cats being kidnapped, but now that he is back in H-town I can tell the world! I’m so glad he is back so I can annoy him by taking my jokes too far and leaving my shoes around the house. The past three weeks no one has noticed my shoes lying around so leaving them out had almost no purpose.

We celebrated Casey’s return by sleeping in on Saturday and then walking to breakfast. Suddenly during breakfast, I realized I did not have anything to wear to watch the Aggie game that evening, so I suggested we go into several stores in search of a fancy maroon shirt (again in celebration of Casey’s return). I did manage to find some maroon apparel. However, during the search, a torrential downpour began. Luckily, Casey and I are really brave so we had no problem running home in the rain with my new clothes carefully wrapped in plastic bags. Spending money and running are two of Casey’s least favorite things (they are two of my favorite things). But at least he got breakfast out of the deal.

Saturday night we ventured over to Yard House for some Aggie-game-watching with our friends! The guy with the mustache photo-bombing is not my friend. I don’t know him. I didn’t even know he existed until I put this photo in my post.

photo 2

photo 1

My friends are models.

photo 5


Sunday was spent mostly at home, because Casey has trouble not watching football. But I did make it out of the house to get my bootay kicked by Stephanie’s new boot camp!



But then I had to come back home to cuddle with the babies.

photo 4

P.S. I updated my Pinterest Success page if you need some new recipe ideas!