Young men and howling

Tanner turned 25 this weekend. You might remember when he turned 24, but you might not, because I didn’t document it all that carefully. We fueled up for our night of jammin’ at Fogo de Chao, and then meandered over to Howl at the Moon, where Tanner was recruited to sing “YMCA” complete with stellar dance moves.

Apparently my focus was only on Casey.

We sang and danced moved our shoulders in ocean wave type movements the night away.

I finally tried Crossfit with Kaitlin on Saturday morning, so that was an adventure! My shoulders are still sore today, but I’m not sure if it’s from the “dancing” or the Crossfit. Hard to tell.

Then Abbey and I worked on our tan, braved the Galleria, and got iced coffee from a cute little coffee shop in the Heights. Casey took Abbey and me to dinner in true gentleman-like fashion before we went our for a tad bit of partying.

AND THEN yesterday, we made our annual trip to the vet.

Lucy HATED LIFE. She was super dramatic. Molly purred the entire time, because she is always happy. And a little naive to what happens at the vet, apparently.

Conversations and Jesus

We have a trip planned with both our families to Colorado to celebrate lots of anniversaries this summer. My parents are driving up before the rest of us, and my stepdad likes to send me occasional emails regarding the trip.

Jim: I have an expedition reserved in Gunnison starting on your big day.

Me: The day we get in? What is the expedition? (Thinking white water river rafting, a nice mountain climbing adventure, etc.)

Jim: Maybe a Ford.

Turns out it’s just a rental car.


Because Casey’s birthday fell on Easter this year, we celebrated a day early, and I went ahead and gave him his birthday presents, too. At first he was hesitant.

Casey: I shouldn’t open them today. I should wait until my real birthday. I want to have presents to open on my real birthday.

Me: Jesus is going to rise from the dead tomorrow. Isn’t that a good enough present?

Needless to say, he went ahead and opened his tickets to the Aggie baseball game next weekend and the Dave Matthews Band tickets for May. He also ate Shipley Donuts and Lupe’s fajitas that day. Then Sunday, Jesus came back. Weekend full of presents.


Texting with an 11-year-old girl is really entertaining. She sent me a picture of a boy, and I was wondering why she had a boy in her house (she’s out of school this week), but turns out he’s someone from One Direction … that band. Shortly after this exchange, she sent me a text from Jesus explaining that tomorrow would be the best day of my life if I forwarded the message to 14 of my friends in 10 minutes. I failed to do so, so looks like it’ll just be a regular ol’ Wednesday for me.

Elves and friends

Hello there, LiveStrangers, which is what I’ve decided to call my readers, even though I know almost every single one of you personally.

Moving on, please see photo evidence of a fantastic weekend.

My sister-in-law graduated as THE DISTINGUISHED STUDENT in the kinesiology department at Texas A&M.

I’m surrounded by geniuses. Including:

My firm’s holiday party happened, which I planned with this fancy lady:

It was supposed to end at midnight, and we didn’t leave until 3 a.m., so I’m just gonna go ahead and say that we throw awesome parties for patent attorneys.

I took my brother in place of Casey, because Casey’s party was the same night, as you’ll remember from this post. Everything turned out okay, except for when Matthew called one of the partners Ted, because he was convinced he looked like Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother. Also, let me mention that the partner looked nothing like this:


So, as a result, that partner told me we needed to have a meeting on Monday. The meeting went like this:

Partner: I like your brother.

Me: I like my cats.

Except I didn’t say that. Also, my brother tried to steal a blue, glittery hat from the the Flipbook booth people. Yes, we had a flipbook booth instead of a photo booth. Guess what my mom is getting for Christmas. A scarf. And a flipbook with her twins making obscene gestures posing perfectly as if it were a Christmas card.

Sunday, we celebrated the life of a super great dude who passed away from cancer in March. He liked campfires, laughing, cats, music, and lots of other stuff, but we celebrated him by having a campfire, playing music (not me, because I only know how to make farting noises with my armpit), and laughing a lot. And also I talked about my cats a lot, to honor you, Nathan! At least, I think Nathan liked cats. I’m pretty sure he liked all animals. Including cockroaches, which he once ordered off the Internet. It also ended up being pregnant. So, he had lots of cockroaches. And friends! We miss you, Nate Drake.

Here’s the musical ensemble who played Christmas songs while I ate things off the dessert table:

And here are my friends Maddie and Cat, Nathan’s sister. They are pictured because 1. Maddie refers to Casey as “Dad,” which is a little weird, but I go with it, because I’m sure other couples have worse problems, and 2. Her name is Cat. Therefore, reasoning is obvious.

Also, an elf was there, and he told me that before he left the North Pole, Santa told him I had been very good this year. Which is entirely true, so I’m starting to believe in Santa again. Also, the elf was a kindergartner wearing an elf costume.


Music, Mindy, and moving (as in exercise, we still live here)

Check out this new phone case I order from Andrea’s Etsy Shop:

I am obviously stoked about it seeing as it has two of my favorite things in the whole world: cats and books. Obviously.

Also, guys, I must recommend two albums for you to purchase. Before I make these recommendations, please know that I am making them as a regular person with no musical background whatsoever besides the listening skill. Now, if you want to read a music review I did when I actually was somebody (a.k.a. an editor at my college newspaper and the biggest John Mayer fan in the world (I’ve been to five concerts, then you can click here, because for some reason some of those articles are still on the Internet)).

Jason Mraz’s Love is a Four Letter Word 

Source: Spotify

and Mumford & Son’s Babel.


Good stuff, y’all. Oh, and Mindy’s new show is on tonight, and we all know how much I LOVE her. Too much probably. Just kidding, probably not.

Tonight I made those spicy black bean stuffed peppers again, because I sort of loved them the first time, and didn’t want to wait any longer to eat them all up again. But I also completed my 3rd of 4 scheduled runs for my first week of half-marathon training, which started Sunday. I am using this 10-week plan to train for a race in December, only I’ve already broken it, because I have run three consecutive days, which it specifically says not to do. But the weather has been so fab this week, I couldn’t resist. Anyway, today I ran three miles in 31 minutes and 32 seconds, which is not fast by anyone’s standards, but it’s fast for me, because I have been running three miles in 36 minutes for the past year and a half or so, and it has been a goal of mine these past few months to get it closer to 30 minutes. So, I’m stoked.

I’ll spare you a picture of Lucy and Molly tonight, because they’re exhibiting surprisingly normal feline behavior tonight (sleeping) and not doing anything entertaining enough to be featured in tonight’s post. But I assure you, they will make another appearance soon.