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Discussion today with my favorite mother-in-law in regards to this post

Conversation about taking Presidents’ Day off and also my reading of The Plan.

Exercise and ice cream

More health.

Sunday I attended a DEFINErevolution class with some cool kids from high school. Literally the cool kids: Lacey and Stephanie. It was one of the best group exercise classes I’ve ever taken, even though the instructor only pointed out 1,678 times that I was new. I thought I was holding my own in the very back of the class, but every 10 minutes or so, she’d say “How ya doin’, Megan?” or something along those lines, and what was I supposed to say? The music was very loud and the room was dark, which I appreciated, but it made it very hard to communicate via using my words when I didn’t have a microphone like said instructor. I did come out looking like I had gone for a swim though, so I appreciated the workout, and I’ve already signed up to go again this weekend. Same instructor. Hopefully, she will remember that I have been once, and therefore do not need to be called out ever again.

Despite losing every ounce of my water weight Sunday night, Rachel and I got up for a P90X workout Monday morning. It was a hilarious video. Why that stuff isn’t on Comedy Central is beyond me. Guy says the craziest stuff, and it’s even funnier at 5:30 in the morning when I’m delirious and attempting an exercise called the “banana roll,” which is actually pretty hysterical in and of itself. Then, to make sure we did the craziest thing of all time, we ran 10 miles after work. We planned to end our run at Marble Slab to reward ourselves for excellent health decisions the previous week, because after running 10 miles you’ve surely burned enough calories for an ice cream cone. However, when we arrived at the ice cream shop, we only wanted bottled water. Which is weird, because at pretty much every other moment in my life, I have wanted/craved/desired an ice cream cone. Yet, at a moment when I really could have guiltlessly (not a word; using it anyway) enjoyed oodles of frozen sugar, it seemed to be the last thing I wanted. Life makes absolutely no sense.

I have no pictures of previous events, but in case you don’t follow me on Instagram, here are some pictures of my cats: