Dexter and pianos

This weekend I:

Wore a new Stitch Fix shirt.

Played Dexter (the game) with friends. Anna almost won, but then her husband, Michael, stopped her from winning, and then Casey won instead. I never came close to winning. Michael kept stealing my knives. I also made The Pioneer Woman’s BBQ Comfort Meatballs, which I knew were going to be delicious because my mother-in-law has whipped some up before, but it was confirmed.

Celebrated my friend, Erin’s 24th birthday at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar. I also witnessed a very intoxicated man attempt to dance with several woman, including a gypsy. Then someone who appeared to be his wife yelled at him. It was a very exciting evening.

Sunday, I cuddled with the cats.

Made red velvet brownies s’mores. The boys I fed them to labeled them as “pretty dope.”

I also got to meet my friend, Cat’s new cat. I know; it’s very confusing. I think he is a wild cat, but I’m open to suggestions of what his actual breed is.


#Kittyfix and thieves

What a joker.

Disclaimer on this next one…I obviously don’t actually want to have Blake Shelton’s children. I just like to one-up my friends.

Sometimes I tweet the random stuff my MOH tells me.

Casey hates the Kardashians…

I read this today: “Marriage is a lot of things, not the least of which is embracing some awful TV.  A man who can laugh at crap with you is a man that likes spending time with you.” This guy’s blog is actually about The Bachelor, which I gave up watching when I got married, because I felt like Casey was having a hard enough time with the fact that I watch the Kardashians, but then I read that quote, and now I’m thinking that maybe I should watch more trashy television shows just to prove to the world how strong my marriage is.

I have to post this, because Casey texted me a picture of Molly, and I thought that was a huge step to take in our relationship, and therefore I had to document it on this blog that is mostly about my cats but sometimes about my weekend and other stuff.

Also, Molly has started a Stitchfix trend called #kittyfix, which practically means she’s famous. My ultimate goal is to get my cats so famous that they provide me with some extra income, so this seems like a step in the right direction.

Conversations and magic

Casey recently replaced a lightbulb in our bathroom with an energy efficient bulb.

Me: This new light makes me look like a vampire. I’m afraid this will be really bad for my self image.

Casey: Are you going to make me change it?

Me: Do you want me to cry every day because I’ve convinced myself I look like a vampire?

Casey: How do you know it makes you look like a vampire? Vampires don’t have reflections.

The kid can tell jokes. But he has horrible taste in lightbulbs.


I don’t know his sister’s skill level when it comes to picking out lightbulbs, but she definitely has a knack for the one-liners.

I know you’re all jealous this is who I get to spend holidays with for the rest of my life.



I’m finally reading the Harry Potter series. In previous days of my life I read books 1,2, and 7, but apparently that’s a crime, so I reread 1 and 2, and now I’m on 3. My HP-loving soulmate friend and I were discussing life per usual and I mentioned that Harry had been teaching me some spells so I can now perform magic tricks. (Tad bit of profanity below. Wizards make me “curse.” LOL.)


Relays and moms

This weekend, I ran a relay marathon with my marathon buddy and both our moms. One thing I’ve never understood when I go to marathons is all the elite runners who practice running across the start line like 100 times. Why not just treat the first couple miles as your warm-up? You already have to run 26.2, so why you runnin’ extra? Number 1 reasons why I will never be an elite runner. Number 2 reason is because I prefer running slow or as some like to call it “jogging.”

A fourth of the work, and we still got a medal and a T-shirt, so overall seems like a better deal. My mom isn’t wearing her medal because she prefers fashionable scarves. She is very fancy like that. Also yesterday was her birthday! I’m so happy she was born. If not I wouldn’t have been born, and Lucy and Molly would probably be homeless.


Stitchfix and chicken

I was planning on writing a life-changing, inspiring post tonight, but let’s be real, I wasn’t really planning on that. I did want to tell you about this life-changing recipe, though. Slow-cooker bacon-wrapper BBQ chicken. Have more stuff I love in one pot. Not possible. Because if you put cats in a pot, they die, and that makes me sad, so it doesn’t count. Anyway, super delicious, super easy, and also good as leftovers. Lots of winning going on.

Speaking of winning, I signed up for Stitch Fix again, and it came in the mail today (along with two checks from freelance gigs…today is a good day). I kept a cardigan and a shirt. It’s like these people read my mind and know what I want. They’re probably aliens. But really, really stylish aliens with impeccable taste. I cropped out my feet. If you’ve ever seen them in real life, you know why. Also, please excuse those fuzzy spots on my mirror. Lucy likes to try to climb it. “Special” cat.

I’m letting Molly keep the box.


Cat clothes and tacos

I found the new greatest invention ever. Probably a false statement. I’m sure the patent attorneys I work with find the actual new greatest inventions on the reg. However, I am most impressed with StitchFix, which I heard about from numerous other blogs I happen to stumble upon on a daily basis. If you’ve ever wanted your own personal stylist to do some shopping for you and deliver the clothes to your door, consider StitchFix your dream come true. That’s exactly what they do.

They even stalk your social media channels, which I 100% approve of. Obviously, one of my items was this:



But I did end up keeping this adorable skirt…and wore it out Friday night, because obviously when you get new clothes, you should wear them as soon as possible.

I hope you like Molly’s guest appearance in photo on the right. I also hope you like my excellent selfie skillz.

In addition to succeeding in fashion world this weekend, I also succeeded in food world. TWO Pinterest successes. One of which was Paleo bread, which was obviously terrifying, because how on earth can be bread be delicious without flour in it? Turns out when you use this recipe.

Also, the Super Bowl happened which had pretty much zero effect on my life except that I felt like making these tacos, because that seemed like a stereotypical football-watching food to make.