GlassesUSA and my best-selling novel

Lately my mom has been sporting some hipster glasses, and I’ve really been digging the look. Since we look sort of the same, I decided I needed some hipster glasses too. Also, whenever I picture myself writing my best-selling novel, I’m always wearing big glasses, and I figured that the reason I haven’t written my best-selling novel yet is probably because I didn’t own big glasses. So, I took it upon myself to buy some big hipster glasses.

This is me. Lying on the couch and not writing my best-selling novel despite my new eyeglasses. The best part about this, though, is that I bought the eyeglasses online.

I bought them at, and have used them mostly for watching TV. And looking hipster. It was super easy, because you just plug in your prescription and pay a small amount of money, because these are seriously the most affordable glasses I’ve ever come across.

(I found this picture on Casey’s phone, which I can only assume means he secretly thinks kitten cuddles are adorable.)

You can even “try them on” virtually.

How tech-savvy is that!  If you buy glasses this way, you can save a couple trips to the store and some moo-lah, which you can use to buy my best-selling novel in 20 or so years. (I’m trying to be ahead of the game with my marketing.)

Molly: Professional selfie photo-bomber.

Blogs and mornings

My morning typically starts with a little blog reading. I find it’s  a good way to begin a day, because it’s not overwhelming, scary, bad, ominous, or any other negative adjective. It’s easy, light “news,” that sometimes makes me laugh or feel motivated or want kids…………what? Too much? Look at these ridiculously adorable children playing on the beach, and tell me you don’t develop an immediate case of baby fever. Although, I have to admit, I have pretty much always wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember, except for a brief period when I was a nanny for two, let’s just call them interesting, little boys…during that time, I was almost positive I would be perfectly happy never having children and only having cats. But I got over it. However, Casey and I live in a pretty small apartment with the only possible nursery being a dresser drawer (I say this on the reg, so sorry if this is the 118th time you’ve heard it), and we just renewed our lease, so for now we’ll only have cats.

This post was meant to be about blogs I like to read, and now it’s about babies, so…this is awkward.

Moving on. This list of blogs is probably sort of scatter-brained, but I’m kind of that way, so…sense made. Anyone tired of my ellipses yet…?

1. I start my blog reading with Peanut Butter Fingers. I didn’t start reading blogs until before my wedding when I was trying to get in shape. I read a bunch of healthy living blogs to keep me motivated and whatnot. That eventually evolved into reading all kinds of blogs, but I still keep in touch with my healthy living blogs. All I have to do is type “P” in my search bar, and Peanut Butter Fingers just pops right up. I really like her dog.

2. Meals & Moves is still a daily read for me, too. I also really like her dogs. Maybe I don’t read blogs to stay motivated to live healthier. Maybe I just like people’s dogs. I don’t know.

3. I love love love Big Mama. I think her kid is hilarious, and also she’s an Aggie and lives in Texas.

4. Bleubird. The pictures are breathtaking. I can’t read one of her posts without smiling back at those cute little grins.

5. Enjoy the Small Things. There is so much love in every post.

6. Young House Love. This duo. We met them! One day I will have a house and be crafty like them. However, the chances of me being good enough at crafts to make a whole career out of it are very slim, so Kudos to John and Sherry.

7. My Houston blogs: Dr. PP and Milo, Greetings from Texas, Trial by Sapphire, Everyday Meg, & grrfiesty. Love these relateable people in my city.

8. Today’s Letters.

I stumble upon lots of other blogs here and there, but these guys are my constants for now. After I read blogs, I typically have to spend the rest of my day marketing intellectual property, so I appreciate the breaks from reality.

Post some of your daily reads in the comments, so I can further put off my workday every day!

Food and baby accountants

I have been whipping up some delicious things in the kitchen lately. Which is actually pretty amazing considering I have been dairy free for about a month, and I’m perfectly aware that most delicious things have cheese in them. Nonetheless, my stomach prefers life without cheese, although my taste buds vehemently disagree. So does Pinterest apparently.

Things I have been whipping up lately:

Crockpot Pulled Chicken

Sweet Potato Fries

Hummus-Crusted Chicken

Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes

I’ve obviously been on a sweet potato kick as of late. Anyway, I thought I’d share some useful information since some of you have mentioned you don’t like cats and that blogging about cats is a pointless hobby. Or if you’re my brother you say: “You have a blog?”

So, I’ve updated my Pinterest Success page in case you’re wondering what to cook for dinner tonight. I have the night off, because Casey recruiting baby accountants.

Y’all tried any good recipes lately?

Ailurophiles and cats

It’s a cat kind of day.

For one thing, the word of the day is ailurophile: a cat fancier : a lover of cats: Megan Strange.

I love that it says cat fancier, because I love cats, I love fancy things, and I also love the word fancy.

Casey’s thoughts on that:

Also, My day started by feeding the cats.

Also, while reading East 82nd, a blog by one of my old newspaper friends, who is coincidentally one of my favorite writers, I came across one of my new favorite quotes:

“Don’t you hate it when your crazy cat lady side interferes with your introverted bibliophile side?” – Rebecca Haughey. So profound.

Also, my sister-in-law is coming to town tomorrow. Nothing to do with cats, except that she is my only in-law that likes my cats.

And then there’s the usual kitty cuddles:



Conversations and crafting with cat hair


Me: Did you read my blog? It’s about you.

Casey: Yes. You were pretty close, but I don’t think I would refer to them as “our” cats.


Casey: *Talking about vacuuming cat hair and how it’s impossible to keep the house clean with all the cat hair*

My mom: Well, Megan, why don’t you read that book I gave you and make some crafts with cat hair?

This is the book. (Source:

Me: Because Casey always vacuums it all up.


Evidence that we are totally married and in love:

Get it? Because I knew to get him a frozen pizza. Don’t worry; I cooked tonight. I know you all were starting to think, “Poor Casey. His wife only makes him frozen pizzas.” False. But I did get him a frozen pizza last night so I could go have dinner with my mom and Paola. Paola is my friend. She is also my mom’s friend. She also used to babysit me. Complicated. And also totally necessary for you to know. I would tell you what Casey “should have seen,” but it’s sort of politically incorrect for the Internet.

Casey’s cat opinions and sapphires

I had jury duty today, and I really thought that that was going to provide a really enlightening blog post about performing my civic duty. Turns out I just read Harry Potter for three hours until a cop came in, said some lame jokes, and dismissed us.

However, I was inspired by one of my daily blog reads, Trial By Sapphire. I met Lindsay once at a blogger party. It was a fabulous experience. She has cats, so that’s a plus to her character.

Anyway, you should read this post. If you’d like to have the same experience I had when I read the post, simply say to yourself after each quote from her husband, “Casey would never say that.”

I’ve compiled a similar list, only it’s what I would imagine Casey would say if I asked him to do the things Lindsay’s husband does out of the kindness of his heart. (Also, might I point out that if I took a picture of Casey holding a cat, he would most definitely not be smiling.) (So, I’ve included this picture, which you might have seen before, but I don’t really have a lot of pictures of Casey with cats to choose from.)

He diligently researches holistic cat health.
“I’d prefer our cats not be super healthy, because I want them to live for only a short amount of time.”

He does not hesitate to buy organic, raw food for them.
“You want me to spend more money on cats? Megan, that makes no sense.”

He nurtures them.
“By nurture, do you mean politely kick them across the room when they scratch our furniture? They are the reason we can’t have nice things, Megan. I’m not going to reward them by petting and/or cuddling them.”

 He purposely varies their food options.
“They’re cats…”

He will never let us miss or delay at vet appointment.
“Miss the vet appointment. It will save us money and will likely lead to a deathly illness in our cats.”

 He loves them.

 He is conscious of how stimulating their environment is.
“I hope their corner of the back of our apartment is stimulating, because that’s the only place I like them to be.”

Disclaimer: I love him despite his utter hatred of felines.