Babies and paper-filing


I just finished an episode of Modern Family, which I watched without Casey because he is in busy season and consequently never home when I’m awake. I would have loved to have waited so we could have laughed together, but I kept seeing teasers on Facebook, and I couldn’t really envision handling the anticipation much longer, so I just went for it. I felt guilty the whole time. Especially because Hulu kept freezing up as if to say SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE WATCH MODERN FAMILY TOGETHER. But ohhhhh welllllll. I didn’t listen.

More rambling, let’s begin. Saturday I got to spend the day with Megan‘s small human. Greatest bebe ever. The happiest happiest person I have ever met. She especially loved when I kissed her, so even though I looked weird while doing it, I did it times a million.

photo 2

After hanging out with that baby who was already born, I went to celebrate a baby not yet born with a good ol’ college friend. Jordan and Andrew had a gender reveal party where we found out they are having a Carter Matthew, who luckily is a boy!

photo 1

photo 1

Jordan made all those snacks herself, because she is super domestic and a swell baker.

photo 3

Ew pregnancy. JUST KIDDING. It’s beautiful, and I can’t wait to meet Baby Carter.

photo 2

Here are Erin and me being just UBER excited to find out if Baby Keyes was a boy or a girl. We both wore blue, which was supposed to mean we thought the baby was a boy. I had actually been picturing a girl since Jordan told me she was pregnant, but I don’t have much pink, which I guess was God’s sign that it was a boy. Thank you, Jesus, for that little hint.

After Saturday, you probably know it was SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! Fun times, but the only pictures we took were really quality selfless, so enjoy:

photo 5

And lastly, a fellow employee at my new job (WHICH I AM JUST ADORING) showed me the app Waterlogue, which allowed me to turn this already great photo:

photo 3

into this artistic one:

Painted in Waterlogue

I probably shouldn’t have paid $2.99 for that app (cue Casey texting me WTF), but I did, and now I will have unlimited watercolor portraits of Lucy and Molly.

Speaking of Casey texting me (because it’s busy season and that’s how we millennials communicate), here’s a gem:

photo 4

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