Animal whispering, cooking classes, and blog niches

Casey has found his calling: animal whispering. It’s a thing. Let me explain.

We bought our friends, Michael and Anna, a puppy as a wedding gift. I don’t recommend this. It may sound like a good idea, but talk yourself out of it as fast as you can. Especially if you’re thinking of getting them a beagle. Just run away from the pet stores. Go to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Buy the blender. Buy some bath towels. Do not buy your best friends a puppy. Casey and I have found the result of buying our best friends a puppy is a lot of guilt. ALL THE GUILT! Trust me, you don’t want to get a phone call from you best friend telling you their puppy that you purchased for them is in the emergency room getting his stomach pumped for eating a pill bottle, and that it’s going to cost $1,200. Again, with the guilt. I must mention how insistent Anna was that she get a puppy. We didn’t just buy a puppy and give it our friends in hopes that they wanted a puppy. Anna really wanted this dog, and all the freaking time sometimes, it’s hard to tell her no. However, in good news, the puppy gives her lots of blogging material. So, back to Casey’s calling. Friday night, Milo (the puppy) was chewing on Anna’s arm, which is wrong for many reasons. And since Casey and I feel a lot of guilt, we sort of take on the disciplinary role whenever we’re around Milo to keep him in line. So, Casey used the same method he uses on Lucy to get her out of bed at night. He uses two fingers, points them at the animal’s eyes and then back at his eyes over and over all while saying “here here, here here, here here.” Works like magic. For those of you who I haven’t vented to, Casey does not allow the cats in the bedroom. Lucy finds this rule to be completely unnecessary and tries to overrule him just about every night. But she always succumbs to Casey getting in her face and saying “here here, here here, here here.” Anyway, it worked on Milo, too.

Today, Lucy tried to get back at Casey for all the times he has disturbed her sleep.

It could have ended in pure disaster, but luckily she decided at the last minute to come sit on my lap, as usual.

It is, after all, her favorite spot in the entire world.

Saturday, Casey came running with me. This hardly ever happens, so I am always very grateful when he decides he wants to join me. Anyway, I ran fast (not by the world’s standards, but my mine, which are sometimes more important than the world’s). It’s amazing what chasing after a cute dude can make me do. Oh, and check out these awesome screen shots from I just love my new Garmin Forerunner.

I am fascinated by the technology in that little watch.

Casey and I also attended a cooking class Saturday at Sur la Table. Casey’s parents have been getting us a date night each month for the first year of marriage as a wedding gift (a MUCH better idea than a puppy). So far:

Month 1: Gift card to Einstein’s since we now get to enjoy breakfast together.

Month 2: Gift card to a Pappa’s restaurant. YUM.

Month 3: AMC gift card. We need to go see a movie.

Month 4: Cooking class at Sur la Table

I look forward to these little treasures every month. The cooking class was phenomenal. Not only do you learn to cook delicious food, you also get to drink wine while learning. It was a delightful experience. Here is what we made:

Spinach salad with a vinaigrette made primarily from bacon grease, so I’m really not sure how it gets better than that. We also made parmesan crisps to crumble over the salad. It was pretty much to die for, and I could have eaten a larger portion of that salad as my whole meal and gone home completely satisfied. And I don’t say that about a lot of salads.

Steak with a gorgonzola sauce (I was hesitant because I don’t like gorgonzola, but apparently if you melt it and mix it in with cream and butter, I adore it) and a loaded mashed potato pie (sounds like heaven, right?).

And for dessert, a pear bread pudding.

Some other gems from the night:

Today, while I was running ten miles, Casey was watching football and sending me this picture:

I’m hoping her love for Casey’s favorite sport will allow her to redeem herself for the fact that she’s a cat in Casey’s mind.

In blogging world, people keep telling me that to have successful blog (and ultimately get a reality television show), you have to have a “niche.” So, this week I am doing a series in which I will try to find my niche. I will try four niches: health and fitness blogging, emotional blogging, fashion blogging, and mommy blogging (in which I blog about owning cats). So, tune in and let me know where you think I fit in this Internet world.


  1. I’ve always wanted to do those cooking classes! yall are too cute.

  2. Cooking classes sound so much fun! I’ve always wanted to try them out. And that spinach salad looks amazing!!!

  3. Animal whispering – what a talent! And niches are highly overrated. The most successful blogs I’ve found are the ones where the writer loves what they write and have fun and do it well- whether they have a “nitch” or not.

    Hi, from Mingle Monday!


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