After starting a Pinterest Success board to document recipes I’ve tried and loved, I decided to start a blog to document a little more about those successes.

But then I just started writing about my cats with an occasional “this is what I made for dinner” at the end of each post.

So, if you like cats, you’re in good company. If you don’t like cats, the Internet must be a sad place for you.


Before my husband, Casey Strange, was my boyfriend, he was my regular friend and also the nicest boy I’ve ever known (still is). When he was a senior in high school, his lung collapsed (which he didn’t find out until after he won the 50-Freestyle in the Texas state swim meet). When our swim team coach asked us to do something sweet for this really nice fast swimmer on our team, I almost immediately had an idea. I went to a craft store and bought a golden-yellowish shirt (the color of the Live Strong bracelets) and wrote Live Strange in black sharpie on the front. All the swimmers signed it, and we made a trip to the hospital to visit Casey after his surgery.

Little did I know that the night before, the doctors had given Casey the typical spiel about the risk of death that comes with surgery. Quite terrifying. After that conversation, Casey allegedly decided to write me a text message, which he never sent. The message said “Just in case I never get the chance to tell you, I love you.” It was saved in his drafts for a couple months before he showed it to me.

Now, more than six years later, we’re married. And have two cats. Well, I have two cats. Casey refuses to adopt them as his own. And he gets really mad when I hold one of them in front of my face and wave their paws back and forth while saying “But you’re my dad!”

You can read more about what it was like to become Strange here.


When I got married, I made up a goal that I would cook dinner during the week. Luckily, they have Pinterest. So, I make a lot of meals based off things I see on Pinterest, and my success stories (and my friend, Erin, and my mother-in-law) were what inspired me to start the blog. Turns out I prefer writing about my cats.


Is the greatest. I’ve been known to give him grief, but it’s only because I can’t stand how wonderful he is. He eats what I cook, and he washes all the dishes. He also has an affinity for vacuuming, which I think is an important characteristic in a lifelong roommate.

He swam for Texas A&M for four years and is quite handsome. He’s also an accountant. And an excellent listener. And my BFF, but don’t make me get all mushy.

This is why we call him the mutant.

Lucy and Molly are spectacular creatures. You can read how I came to know these furry felines here. Lucy is overweight. We’re trying to fix it. In the mean time, don’t mention it. It’s a sensitive subject. I originally had “The Cats” above “The Husband,” but I knew Casey and my in-laws would give me grief if I left in that “careless mistake.”