99 Problems and dancing the night away

Brace yourselves. I didn’t have it in me to blog last week. I’ve been going through a self-proclaimed quarter-life crisis (you know, assuming I live to be 100). But, here’s what’s been happening.

Casey’s uncle came to town for some fajitas. Also to see Casey’s family.

Our friend, Andrew, got ordained! He’s the one in the red tie. The other guy in the picture is Casey, who is still an accountant.

I went to Megan’s (Greetings from Texas) book signing last Thursday. I’ve almost finished the book, but I’m pacing myself, because I don’t want it to end.

I did spend some time this weekend doing this, though. Hopefully she won’t mind I included this sneak peek of her book. Seeing as I work in the intellectual property field, I’m only slightly nervous. Below page was written by Megan Silianoff. Below cats belong to Megan Strange.

I also picked up a book for my mother-in-law for her birthday and asked Megan to write “Happy Birthday” and something about Galesburg, Illinois, because unlike most people in the world Megan and Kelly have both spent time in Galesburg.

When she got to my book I said, “Please write something sentimental.”

Tears of joy.

Casey and I were most social this weekend. We went to a stoplight party on Friday. The rules were to wear green if you’re single, yellow if it’s complicated, and red if you’re taken. Casey wore three layers, one of each color, with green being the outer-most layer. I guess the idea was that if a girl tried to take off his shirt, she’d eventually come to find out that he’s taken. However, it ended up getting pretty toasty in there with all the partiers, so he had to shed two shirts, and we both ended up red.

Saturday, we went dancing with some friends and had a grand ol’ time. We also discovered a sushi restaurant Casey can handle, which is a huge victory for our relationship.

Then things got sweaty from all the dancing, so excuse my hair. Happens every time. Sometimes I look bald, because my hairline starts kind of far back, but luckily someone added bunny ears as an accessory to distract viewers from noticing. But then I pointed it out, so now everyone knows what I’d look like bald.

Then I rode the mechanical bull for 36 seconds.

Then I ran into my college friends David (also known as Ted Mosby) and Chelsea, which was GREAT! David and I closed down the bar by doing push-ups, which was very unsanitary but also very impressive to everyone at the bar.


  1. I feel the same way about Megan’s book. I am a super speedy reader and just DONT WANT IT TO END! I am really glad I got to see you at the signing!

  2. ahhhhh I just miss you so much. Love to read about your adventures. And I am running another half in October, which I don’t do without you… so…..(hint hint hint)… See you in October?

    • HA! I think I am doing a 10-mile race that month, so maybe we can run in spirit together! I know you’ll miss me at about mile 2.5 when running starts to feel hard and you’re questioning why you signed up for the race. I miss you too!!

  3. Love your blog…..and new book recommendations!! Sounds like you are in a wonderful place in your life, and it makes me so darn happy for you!! Ask your mom for some Ray-Ban Wayfarer’s to wear when you go dancing!! She will remember those and sweaty dancing nights at Studebaker’s! Love you!!

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