Showers and gutters


photo 1

With a front door! And rubble!

Below you will see Casey in the kitchen. I could make a joke about how it’s the only time you’ll see him in the kitchen, but he does the dishes, so I really can’t make any jokes about this. I do like how serious he looks while examining basically just drywall.

photo 2

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This is our second floor “landing.” You’ll notice the light coming through from a little nook. A little cat nook. Know what I’m saying’? Also that art alcove is just dying for a portrait of Lucy and Molly, am I right?

photo 3

That paper mask is some new modern art we’re looking into to make us look hip.

Also check out the trim work and crown molding. HAWT. Also, that door is to a half bath. HOLLA, the multiple bathrooms are my favorite part about this house, which you’ve probably read before on this here bloggity or heard me say out loud 57 times a day.

Our shower has changed a bit since the last time I posted about it. The water basically has to fall the length of Niagara Falls before it will reach my head, but Casey will never bump his head on our shower head, so it all works out.

photo 4

It has been more fun checking our new digs out every few days, because the changes are getting more and more exciting. Cats are still too busy exploring their 6′ cat tower to even realize they’ll be relocated in a month.

Pink tips and video games

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I'm sure most of you read Greetings from Texas, a blog written by another Megan. You don't have to worry about getting us confused, because she has brown hair and is always wearing very fashionable clothes. She also has a kid. And no cats. I have no kid and two cats, in case you need a refresher. But I did get to hang out with Macy most of the day Saturday, and my arms are still sore today from picking her up and putting her down and carrying her around the Galleria. So, if you're wondering how to get ripped biceps and get rid of your bat wings, my suggestion would be to have a kid who is eternally about 18 months old. The following photos … Keep Reading...

Good Talk and Jennifer Aniston

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While getting ready for work one morning... Casey: You are the prettiest girl in the world. M: Even prettier than Jennifer Aniston? C: Megan, do you really think I have a chance with Jennifer Aniston? M: So, I'm not the prettiest girl in the world. I'm the prettiest girl you had a chance with. C: Isn't that what I said? ------------------ Before we left for an evening out... M: Bye, kittens! Have a wonderful evening! C: Later, f***ers. ------------------ While walking along the bayou with my friends, Taylor and Kristyn... Guy on bicycle: Hey there, ya lil honey dips! T, K & M: *flattered despite not … Keep Reading...

Tattoos and wedding makeup

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I'm not sure how I have already landed at the Saturday morning of this week...I meant to write this Monday and then Tuesday and then Wednesday, and then all of a sudden it's Saturday morning, and I've yet to write a single thing this week. Hannah … Keep Reading...

Animal Face and hardwood floors

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Well you guys are in for a REAL treat tonight homeskillets! When writing this blog post in my head before tonight, I had other things planned, but THEN I stumbled upon a post from my favorite insta account/blogger/person (can't link to live humans … Keep Reading...

Good Talk and robbing banks

  Listening to "Lay Down" in the car. Casey: This song makes me wanna go do something badass. Me: Like rob a bank? Casey: No...not like that. We obviously have different definitions of badass.   After watching "Dallas … Keep Reading...

Luke, Hunter and TADS

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LUKE BRYAN SHOOK IT FO ME LAST NIGHT! And it was great great great. I got to see him and Hunter Hayes this weekend, and both sang straight to my heart! We saw Hunter in a suite, which I've decided is THE way to do rodeo. Shiz is fab. I know … Keep Reading...